1. A

    W124 rust spots and paint defect... repaint?

    Evening All I have recently considered getting round to getting some minor cosmetic work done on my E320 coupe. In typical W124 fashion the front wings have slight bubbling on the leading edge a little rust blister above nearside door cladding. The car is finished in Azurite blue. The car...
  2. J

    Sl320 repaint

    Having taken advice re the rust on my front wings I will be getting new MB wings but having looked at the car very critically other stone chips and rust spots mean that once you start you are into a complete respray to get a car I would be happy to keep for 10 years etc. I have checked several...
  3. Spinal

    Faded Paint: Wax or Repaint?

    As many know I bought a Shogun for a quite stroll across the desert... The (gloss black) paintwork is quite faded in areas, making it look matt... I'm quite "obsessive" when it comes to cars, but I do realise that this one's a bit different... I do need to repaint the area around the lock and...
  4. Londonscottish

    C43 Steering Wheel - Repaint

    Someone a while back asked where to get touch up paint for a C43 steering wheel - the silvery-white are gets discoloured after a while. I called BSG as I saw Stuart there doing this once. He put me onto Gliptone They've sent me a sampler - I'll have a go next week - looks like the right...
  5. guydewdney

    My CL post re-paint...

    Just had my cr re-painted due to the build up of scartches etc over the years... 750 quid from JP Marques near Ayelsbury. This is the bootlid - they 'dent doctored' it.. before:- and
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