1. C Class Al

    Wheels repainted I'm a happy chappy

    Had the wheels on my C180 repainted and must say I'm well pleased, £180 well spent. Ken at Thewheeldeals came in his van/mobile spray shop to my works depot and carried out the work whilst I was out in my truck doing a couple of local deliveries. It took him about 5 to 6 hours to complete the...
  2. S

    C63 19's repainted black - who to use?

    As per the thread title: anyone know of a mobile firm in the SE that will repaint my silver 19's in gloss black with the silver lip ? I guess most firms will be able to paint them straight black, i just really like the silver lip on the OEM black 19's.
  3. Dave Richardson

    Repainted Cl203

    Repainted CL203 & Thanks to L&A Bodywork Plymouth As with most W203's & CL203's manufactured just after 2000 our car was suffering with metal worm in the arches & bonnet corner. We decided to go for it & bought new front wings & sought recommendations for a reliable body shop to fit the...
  4. C

    Genuine AMG SL 55 rear bumper - repainted

    Here is a genuine AMG SL55 rear bumper in Obnsidian black. The paint is immaculate as the bumper was professionally resprayed in August last year and then shortly after removed as I swapped to an SL63 bumper. The bumper comes with inserts (also freshly painted) for parking sensors, but these...
  5. 300CE

    1994 AZURITE BLUE MERCEDES E220 COUPE (fully repainted)

    wants top dollars though: 1994 AZURITE BLUE MERCEDES E220 COUPE | eBay UK
  6. N

    My polished & repainted rocker cover!

    Mate of mine did this for me with my rocker cover: Stripped off the old paint, powder coated it, and then cut back and polished all the detailing! Looks good i reckon :cool: Nic
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