1. lfckeeper

    What's going on here? (Paintwork repair gone wrong)

    Took the car in a few weeks ago to get a dent repaired .... noticed this yesterday .... anyone know why this has happened? Taking it back to the shop that did it on Monday
  2. R

    What's your biggest repair bill?

    Recently had a repair quote of £15,637 for a new DCT gearbox on my E92 M3. I nearly fell off my chair when the quote came through! So.. What's the highest you've been quoted for a fix? (I didn't pay for the repair by the way, returned the whole vehicle to the dealer for a refund as I'd owned...
  3. C

    W208 rear arch repair paneks

    Hi All. It's probably been asked a million times but any ideas where I can source repair panels for rear arches? I've just picked up a snotter off eBay which I want to give a bit of TLC as it's basically sound, so all advice on a source is welcome
  4. Railwayman

    Any recomendations for an auto gearbox repair shop in the Southend on sea area.

    Hello My son has a Kia Picanto and about 2 years ago the transmission started to slip and then failed. I managed to get it going again by draining and replacing the fluid, this has worked well until now.. Now it has thrown a check engine light with a P0741 fault code (Torque converter...
  5. paul73mt

    Easy repair?? recommendations for repairs

    I got this on my driver seat and was wondering if its possible to repair and if so could anybody recommend anybody (pref one that's mobile ) I did start to message 'chips away' but didn't finish it Thanks Paul
  6. merc85

    Keyless go repair

    Just seen these guys Anyone used them?? Welcome to the Frontpage!
  7. R

    buckle wheel repair - Kent

    Hi All, I have a slight buckle in my drivers side wheel and I'm struggling to find anyone from a Google search that offers a service to unbuckle wheels in Kent. Does anyone know a place I can use in Kent or even that do pickups? Thanks
  8. A

    Minor bumper repair- paint/corrosion warranty

    There are as few minor marks on the rear bumper I'd like to have corrected on my car. It's under warranty for another 2 years (paint/corrosion warranty might be a separate one?) so if I want these marks fixed does it need to go to a MB approved workshop so the warranty isn't void?
  9. D

    W111 repair sections

    Hi Guys, this my 1 st post here I'm from Australia and have a 61 w111 sedan and was looking to see if rust repair sections are made for these models. ? as normal I need a lot of section guards, sills. floors etc and before I made them from scratch thought I would look to see if there was any...
  10. D

    Wheel repair in WR11 area??

    As per title really - anyone recommend a good wheel repair place in the WR11 area? Scuffed a diamond cut rim and trying to decide whether to let the insurance have it or get it done locally and claim back. Having seen the pictures, they don't consider it a candidate for in-situ repair. Makes...
  11. T

    E55 strut reservoir repair.

    So finally I've found the leak on my rear suspension :banana: Right side bubbling like mad,left side just about. As few on here knows already it's almost impossible to find even reconditioned part. I've managed to find the guy who can fabricate the nipple and weld it back in place. My...
  12. ioweddie

    Mid Air Repair By a Very Brave Lady

    Without a Parachute mid air repair…by a woman in 1924 Take a look at this film. Fabulous footage, although grainy due to time and bad equipment in those days compared to today. Gladys Ingalls was a member of a barnstorming troupe called the 13 Black Cats in the 1920's. Ingles was a...
  13. N

    Eis module repair

    W204 owned since new 30000 miles i have an intermittent key/starting problem, have had it in main dealer and rac but because it is intermittent its difficult to find. The steering lock works the panel lights come on but nothing from the starter. The battery is fully charged, everything...
  14. L

    W124 sunroof repair

    I have a "sticky" sunroof (it moves very reluctantly) and finally bit the bullet and removed the sunroof liner & lid, side rail guides, water shield and the arms that slide/lift the sunroof, and given it all a good clean with isopropyl alcohol (some previous owner had used normal grease and it...
  15. G

    W124 Estate Suspension Repair

    Hi guys I need a bit of help as to what best to do. I bought what I thought was a nice W124 Estate just over a week ago and it turns out to have severely corroded rear subframe mounts. I feel pig sick over it to be honest as I think I allowed myself to be ripped off and I didn't check things...
  16. R

    W204 door card repair

    Hi, i've recently bought a 2013 C class coupe and new to this forum. I need to swap out the drivers door card trims, the aluminium inserts, leather panel and handle/arm rest. Has anyone removed these, i need a few pointers on how to without damaging things. The panel is off the car. Thanks in...
  17. MSG2004

    Puncture repair costs inc wheel balancing

    Hi I thought twice re buying a car without a spare wheel of any type but did by a brand new gle last year. Last week, tyre warning light on, screw in tyre, (cars only done 4k) and thankfully in the middle of the tyre so can be repaired - went to National Tyres, nearest to home - got the tyre...
  18. E

    2006 W203 C200 CDI Alternator repair kit

    Looking for a repair kit for my alternator, Mercedes part number 014 154 07 02 This is the model: I could not find any kit that refers to that specific model unfortunately. I found this: HIGH QUALITY MERCEDES BENZ BOSCH ALTERNATOR...
  19. fabes

    Alternative paint work repair

    Thought I would share this idea in case anyone finds themselves in the same situation So 17 year daughter, to get more road time whilst learning, bought a £500 Corsa. 52 reg, 51k and 12 months mot. Its in good nick ,so why so cheap....? Well some muppet left it parked under a flight path...
  20. G

    Repair with JB Weld - mould release coat?

    I'm going to attempt an adaptation of a W176 black Mercedes bonnet star to the W169/R230 type of fixing. This will involved taking a mould from my original bonnet badge and forming a copy on the back of the new one. If I use a silicone rubber mould, what would I need to release the formed...
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