1. dddooommm

    C class 2008 silver black leather 1.8 slight damage repairable w204 Amg alloys

    ★★★Mercedes c class 2008 silver black leathers. Slightly damaged ★★★ ---------★Well looked after★ Genuine Sale★ Easy Fix ★----------- Ebay item 99p start no reserve. Mercedes c class 2008 AMG silver black leather 1.8 c63 slight damage repairable | eBay Price: offers over £3000...
  2. F

    Is this repairable?

    So I got a body kit for my CLK 500 (W209) today, it arrived with some damage, I know I could send the damaged parts back, but if they're repairable, I would rather repair them or have the body shop repair them, this is the one that concerns me most, any advice? Thanks.
  3. S

    "Damage repairable"

    damage repairable :doh: 2014 Mercedes C300 W205 LHD Salvage repairable | eBay Can't see why you'd go through all the hassle and cost of importing that from the US.
  4. M

    Wheel Damage - Repairable?

    Been struggling with an ongoing slow puncture since I bought the car but finally removed the wheel today and found a small crack in the lip on the inside of the wheel. It's right where it meets the tyre, is about a centimetre long and just about wide enough to get my finger nail in at the...
  5. D

    SLR damage repairable

  6. W140s500

    W140 1 Button Key fob repairable ?

    Hello,I wonder if I may ask a already answered question ? I have a 1994 S500 which only has 1 working key,which isn't such a great idea.My other 2 keys are the same 1 button type,but have no output from the infa red transmitter;I have tried new genuine Mercedes batterys,and even opened the...
  7. S

    Repairable Vito Injector Threads?

    Can an injector bolt thread in a 2000 Vito 110cdi cylinder head be repaired relatively easily with a Helicoil or threaded sleeve? There's one for sale locally I was considering for my own use and gather this is a common problem. I'm a diesel tech of a lot years but have no small diesel Merc...
  8. MB-BTurbo

    Is this windscreen crack repairable?

    I have spoken to a self employed windscreen repairer who says yes and wants £45 to do it. Kwik fit do them for £30 but say they wont as it isnt repairable. They think that the cracks means its new windscreen time. Who is right?
  9. B

    Is this repairable?

    I guys had a dangerous escape yesterday, somehow the calliper bolt snapped and came loose while on motorway and calliper gouged a hole in my alloy. Now need to find an allow to match any ideas? Or is this alloy repairable? Looks dead to me :(
  10. S

    MF2910 CD Fault Repairable?

    I have a 1999 CLK 320 with a MF2910 CD head unit which comes up with "error" when a cd is put in it. It will play a head cleaner cd, though without the soundtrack. Is it worth fixing? Can it be fixed? I know nothing of its history or if it's original.
  11. A

    Scratched Windscreen (Repairable? Or Replace?)

    Can a scratched / scuffed screen be repaired or am I looking at a replacement. Have a few scratches that are deep and in one case look like a crack. Can Gavin from Autoglass fill them with his special resin I wonder?
  12. M

    W168 A class Amg Bumper - Repairable?

    Hello all. Big crack in the recess just front spoiler just under the number plate about six inches long. Official MB body shop won't repair. Are they being awkward? Can a decent indy body shop fix it? Cheers in advance. M
  13. HumberMart

    Puncture not repairable

    Hi, my wife was unfortunate to get a punture only 4 days after picking up a new B180 Sport. The local tyre place said it couldn't be repaired as the small screw had entered the tyre too close to the shoulder - it is quite close to the side wall, but still just on the treaded part. Was this a...
  14. gurpz

    1999 C43 AMG Salvage Repairable CAT D

    A once rather nice looking C43 AMG that only now needs the front and rear bumpers sorting out along with a new window (by the looks of it). Looks like the car was once owned by a enthusiast owner as it has uprated 19' AMG wheels, W210 blinking mirrors and a rather strange W203 AMG rocher cover...
  15. Gucci

    Tyre rip repairable?

    I've noticed a small tear in the side of my front tyre (about 2cm in length and irregular in shape). It's about 3mm deep. The "flap" folds flush to the tyre wall, so no part of the tyre is missing. Can this be repaired?
  16. gurpz

    W210 E200 Damage Repairable

    Im presuiming this could be fixed but maybe not cheaply: Would need: 2 new off side doors Front wing Bonnet badge new side skirt A GOOD clean from inside...
  17. NW_Merc

    Damaged repairable SL 320?
  18. N

    faulty fuel gauge repairable?

    hello i hv a faulty fuel gauge on my w210 e230 1996 model. i've done resistance simulation based on STAR diagnostics resistance ranges as well as using a brand new fuel level sender...pretty much confirmed its the gauge that's faulty. the problem is intermittent...overstating the actual...
  19. marc777

    Chesil 356 - basket case or repairable?

    Not to everyone's taste but I am bidding on this cos i've always liked them and am looking for a summer car. It needs loads doing which is not a problem, but my ONLY concern is the hole in the bodytub...
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