1. B

    R107 bulkhead / firewall rust. Has anyine repaired it? Need help pls

    Hello I am trying to repair my '73 450SL but it is getting the better if me. If anyone has repaired the firewall rust, please let me know how you did it. I have repairable rust in the plenum chamber and I don't need the bulkhead kit. I do have rust in the 2 layers of metal in front of it...
  2. F

    Can this be repaired

    Hi, One of the car wash guys must have had some keys in their pocket and unfortunately I did not notice it until a while after. If this can be repaired does antone have any recs, I am in the Reading/Wokingham area. The material is black artico Thanks
  3. Harrythedog

    Can a run flat tyre be repaired?

    I've a puncture in a tyre due to a nail, can it be repaired or is it a big hit?
  4. S

    Repaired my leather!

    Hi all First post as newbie, but thought I'd share. Recently purchased a C220 Sport with dark leather interior. Had a scuff about size of your thumb. After failing to locate a professional locally, ordered some leather repair off ebay. My expectations weren't high but the results were fab -...
  5. Z

    CLK320 finally repaired

    As some may know, i recently purchased a clk320 cdi, got it very cheap but it had a few problems, the main one being the inlet shut off motor. i have removed the inlet flaps and the motor all together and the car is now back on the road. i have attached some images of the car as it stands...
  6. D

    Can this be repaired?

    Hello all, I have a pair of trousers with a button on the rear pocket that split in half. Sliding into my W204 it scored the Artico of my drivers seat!! Offending button now dealt with but the damage remains and catches my eye every time I get in the car - photo attached. The damage is...
  7. kianok

    Can this be repaired?

    Ok so I have a nail and a screw in my NS rear tyre. Can or should this be repaired? The tyre is a contact sport 5. First pic is a nail, the second a screw.(sorry for the poor pic quality) The nail may have been there for some time as I only noticed it after a faily quick deflation caused by...
  8. A

    A140 splutter - ECU/MAF repaired, some problems remain

    New poster to the forum I have a 2000 A140 and had intermittent spluttering/stalling of the engine at low revs, stalling, and finally problems starting. I took it to a garage and after diagnostics he said my ECU may need replacing, and/or the EGR valve has a problem. ECU/MAF I got a second...
  9. marty359

    Damaged repaired C32

    2002 MERCEDES C32 AMG SILVER DAMAGED REPAIRED SALVAGE | eBay What did they put it back together with.........gripfill?? :eek: I hope your going to give this one a miss Lee :)
  10. c_200k

    CLS63 AMG Damage Repaired

    never seen one in this colour, i really like it but not sure about the blue leather, wish it wasn't damaged and i'd have been down there picking it up 2006 '56' MERCEDES CLS 63 AMG AUTO BLUE | eBay
  11. 300CE

    1993 Mercedes-Benz E320 CABRIOLET LPG / W124 (Cat C Repaired)

    1993 Mercedes-Benz E320 CABRIOLET LPG / W124 E320 CONVERTIBLE *Facelift Grill* | eBay
  12. B

    Instrument Cluster repaired - but still a problem?

    Right - just recieved my fully refurbed cluster, it needed refurb as it was draining the battery and the rpms were flickering. Plugged it in - it flicks on and off, few lights missing ie no engine management light and MPH needle no longer works! and fuel reads always full. rpm works fine...
  13. S

    Can Flaking On Wheels Be Repaired?

    I looked at a 2004 M Class today that was in pretty good nick. However, the chrome/paint on two of the wheels is flaking off in patches. Can this be treated, and if so, by who, and how much? Cheers.
  14. G

    Successfully repaired severely damaged w211 folding mirror mechanism

    Hi, I just thought I'd share my experience of repairing my folding mirror. I clipped another mirror in a narrow street. Really not very hard but enough to break the motor/gearbox part, meaning the mirror just flapped about. The only other damage was a small crack in the indicator lens. I...
  15. T

    Anyone had tyres repaired using the hot vulcanising method?

    As title. Curious to know as I learned most places do the cold vulcanising method, which limits the options for repairing punctures away from the centre tread. But fitters send discarded tyres away to a place or two where hot vulcanising is used to fully repair and bake the tyre so that it's...
  16. T

    R107 Has anyone succesfully repaired the clock in the intsrument panel?

    As the title really... Mine does not work. I read somewhere that the chances are that it's an easy-ish repair (simple resistor swap or something along those lines?). Has anyone done it? How do i take it out? Front or rear? All help and advice MOST appreciated. Thanks in advance :)
  17. Silver CL55

    CL55 AMG W219 19" Alloy wheel Genuine MB part repaired

    Repaired CL55 AMG alloy (front) Wheel was hairline split at the inside edge and leaking slightly, it took Mercedes 4 weeks to find the split it was so slight. No dents in the wheel, outside edge is untouched. They replaced the wheel under warranty and I kept this for a spare after getting it...
  18. gazza9911

    Car not repaired!

    Hi folks my engine light came on last week - I took it to a local garage for a diagnosis. He put on the computer and said it was a missfire on cyl 6 he replaced 12 plugs and leads at a cost of £355 - 70miles driving and the same fault occured The question is - does he repair at no...
  19. D

    Are repaired injectors reliable?

    Our MB got lost over the weekend. After a trip to the garage for wheel bearings it never returned - at least in part as the wrong bearings were supplied initially. Chased it down today, to find that the mechanic had discovered yesterday that one of the injectors was blown with a fair amount...
  20. coupe deville

    beware 'repaired' potholes

    happened upon 2 road workers repairing potholes, [shovel full of hot tarmac and a quick roll]. there was tar spilled on the road and the traffic couldn't avoid it. just spent 2 hours of a sunday afternoon cleaning up the mess. both sides splattered, nearside was worst. :mad: before and after
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