1. S

    Smart repairers North West

    Hi Could anyone recommend a mobile scratch repair outfit in the Wigan/St Helens area at all? Cheers.
  2. MWCLS

    Recommended Smart Repairers in Essex.

    Unfortunately whilst my dad left his car at a hospital appt, some kind soul decided to rub their bumper off his resulting in removing the paint from the nsf bumper back to the plastic also leaving a light scrape close to the parking sensor. It's not major but annoying all the same. He has only...
  3. flowrider

    Stone chip smart repairers

    Can anyone recommend a smart repairer in Hert's/Bed's area for a couple of stone chips on my ML's bonnet. I have tried ChipsAway and after chasing twice they eventually came round but recommended a full bonnet respray (yes this is for just 2 small stone chips). I have also contacted Revive three...
  4. High-Lo

    iPad 2 Cracked Screen. Any repairers?

    Hi all, Does anyone know any reputable screen repairers for an iPad 2? All works fine otherwise. I'd prefer to drop off so any places near Kent preferable but will do mail order if necessary. Thanks in advance, Steve
  5. jakeob1

    Recommended 7G gearbox repairers??

    I need a valve body/speed sensor repair on a w221 Is there any indipendant Transmission specialist around who can do this,, or is it a Main dealer job???
  6. M

    ECU repairers ???

    Has anyone had any dealings or recommend a good ecu repair/ inspect company. Having a big issue with my motor and suspecting the ecu is at fault. Please see my thread on MOT failure high lambda for full info. Would very much appreciate if someone could recommend a repairer as i'm at my wits end...
  7. SLKrazy

    Indie Repairers in Central Scotland

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend any reputable :thumb:indie merc repairers in central belt of Scotland...please
  8. T

    Insurance company approved repairers

    Hi again :) Seeing some of the posts on insurance company approved repairers made me want to write about my experience. I have just traded a Mondeo Zetec-S 2.5V6 for a C180K. Last March, I was poddling down the M1 one evening on my way to Berkshire when something (to this day I don't know...
  9. S

    MB Independent Repairers North'ld - Cumbria

    Hi out there, I'm looking for independent service and repair outlets in the Newcastle / Gateshead or Carlisle areas All help and knowledge is appreciated Thanks in advance :)
  10. F

    Direct line, smashed window, trim repairers etc

    A couple of months ago, someone decided to insert a large brick into my W140 through a closed passenger window. Nice chaps obviously... :confused: It made a small hole in the passenger airbag cover, scratched the wood center console a bit and the broken glass made a whole load of...
  11. Doodle

    Had a call from the car audio repairers today...

    The Pioneer head unit in the C250 started playing up just before the wedding, so I dropped it off at the local Pioneer service centre last week for diagnosis. The phone rings today, they've found out what's causing the problem. "Yes sir, it's the main IC Controller board. Including parts...
  12. JumJum

    N U Repairers , can invalidate warrenty

    Yesterday morning Mrs had a bus hit her and fail to stop. She was driving to work on the A56 into Manchester, the accident happened on Chester road just before Sir Matt Busby way. Here the road is a four lane and my wife was passing a bus in the outside lane when the bus moved out, she could...
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