1. brens-e200

    repairing w124 220ce electric seat switch query

    hi all the upright button of the electric seat control switch is broken and needs replacing. I managed to source a switch but that has memory function which mine does not. The switches are good so i plan to de-solder one and repair my faulty one. I have manged to get the cover off but cant see...
  2. E

    Repairing cracked alloys

    Looking at a set of used alloys however 2 of the wheels have cracks on the inside of the rims. These would be summer wheels only and need a refurb too. What would be the cost of a diamond cut refurb x four wheels including a weld on two wheels More importantly us such a weld recommended Thanks...
  3. Harrythedog

    Ideas on repairing a HP hose

    The high pressure hose on my pressure washer has sprung a leak, anyone with a good fix?
  4. J

    Repairing / replacing chrome bumper strip

    I just noticed today that the chrome strip on my front bumper is starting to peel at one corner. Can anyone tell me how easy / difficult it would be to repair or replace this strip, and where I could source another? Cheers.
  5. artyman

    Repairing rear screen heater

    Whilst removing a sticker from the rear screen I think I've broken a couple of the heating elements as a small section doesn't seem to be working now. I was thinking of using some of this stuff to effect a repair and wonder if anyone has used it or can offer any other advice. Electrically...
  6. P

    vito 108cdi self repairing clutch

    Hello fellow merc heads. Bit of a strange one here. About a week ago when I had a full load of 6 people in my 2003 dualiner I noticed the clutch was starting to slip ever so slightly when under heavy load. this has been getting increaseingly worse over the week to the point I had to drive with a...
  7. fatdazza

    Repairing Leather Steering Wheel (Fitting paddle change to W203)

    Hi, wondering if anyone can help with this: I managed to get a W203 steering wheel with paddles which I am going to get fitted to my W203. Steering wheel was pretty cheap but has a couple of very minor tears / cuts in the leather. They are only very minor (the largest is about 2 to 3mm long)...
  8. J

    Repairing Rust W202 Mercedes-Benz C200 Azzurite Blue

    Should of done a before and after, but this is the wing once it'd be ground back, filled and painted, it looks alot better than it did... not quite perfect but a wet sand and it should look even better. Luckily I removed the bodykit on the driver side and found the back sill starting to...
  9. Bobby Dazzler

    Repairing or replacing swimming pool liners

    This forum never ceases to amaze me, so fingers crossed... We returned from holiday yesterday to find out that when our Greyhound fell into my in-laws swimming pool just before our holiday, she managed to slice through the vinyl lining. We store our caravan at the in-laws, and whilst we we...
  10. arkamelis

    repairing hazey headlamps

    hi all just wondering if any off yous have a good method of repairing/cleaning the headlamps on w210 cdi . basically mine are looking old and hazey. and i didnt want to pay out for new headlamps when the ones a have work fine, but the plasic lens are looking old, i have read on the...
  11. AANDYY

    'Repairing'? HDD's

    Is it possible with software? I've got 2 Seagate SATA HDD's 300 & 500 GB, Windows scan disk and Seagate tools reports erros on them both, they are only about 3-4 years old! Seems a shame to bin them. :( I know there are some computer boffins on here so can they be sorted with a software fix...
  12. culpano

    Repairing small "dimple" dent in car

    Someone has pranged the side of my car. There is a very small dimple dent which is smooth but I have tried to use a small dent puller to no avail. What's best way to fix this. Can the dealer take the inside panel and push the dent out from inside ? Any other suggestions. The dimple is about 1/2...
  13. R

    Repairing rusted stone chips/scratches/scuffs

    Hi All, Hoping you can shed some light on this: I was quoted (ball park figure) of £800-900 to respray a lot of my Merc CLK, my girlfriend was quoted £1,500 to respray the rear quarter and bonnet of her A Class. The garage quoting £1500 stated that if any garage was quoting less than that...
  14. gusvlachos

    DIY:REAR SAM low cost repairing.

    DIY: REAR SAM W203(AND MANY OTHERS), LOW COST REPAIRING --------------------------------------------------------------- Few months ago,during a battery replace,my rear SAM gone off, (was an early 0025459701, which are not in production any more).I replace it with the equivelant newer...
  15. gusvlachos

    DIY:TPS-Failing symptoms,Testing,Repairing

    TPS W203: failing, testing, repairing TPS: FAILING SYMPTOMS, TESTING, REPAIRING(the most) ------------------------------------------------- W 203 early model 06/2000(M111) TPS, with kickdown switch, 20k miles on. Probably applies to more recent version as well, as other engines(M112, ..)...
  16. SilverSaloon

    chrome painting / refinishing / repairing chrome

    hi 2 corners on my R107 have damage to the chrome (rust) on the bumpers and the chrome finish is split. although this will be something i will most probably live with for now (the rear bumper atleast as its the most expensive at over £200 for a new part). The front corner bumper part is...
  17. PJayUK

    Repairing W220 SClass Heated Seats

    My drivers side heated seat doesn't appear to work even though the buttons on the door function correctly. I am guessing therefore that its probably the element although it seems odd that both the back and bottom bits have packed up simultaneously. According to the previous owner this happened...
  18. vijilants

    Great link on repairing duo valves / temp controllers
  19. BigDusty

    Repairing a Kompressor

    Hi All, I decided to write this up to show and explain how a Kompressor (supercharger) from a C230 K W202 can be repaired after the bearings from the clutch failed. The total cost of repairs was only £120, other options was to replace the whole of the kompressor with clutch costing about £500...
  20. MBManInKen

    The pitfalls of not repairing potholes

    See this story on BBC News website. 11 year backlog? :crazy: So, where is all the money from road tax etc going to? :mad: Good thing that my warranty covers the airmatic suspension :eek:
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