1. E

    CD repairs in london area

    Hi does anyone know any place where i can get my Audio 20 repaired, my car is a 2012 w204 c class coupe, seems like a fault with the cd changer i am unable insert CD's and displays drive unavailable Any help would be mich appreciated
  2. H

    W203 Keyfob Repairs Southend-on-Sea

    Hi, Unfortunately my keyfob for my 2004 W203 C200 Kompressor has stopped working. I have changed the battery and the red light shows on the fob when you press either the lock, unlock or boot open but none of them work and the fob will not start the car. I assume this means the keyfob needs...
  3. paul73mt

    Easy repair?? recommendations for repairs

    I got this on my driver seat and was wondering if its possible to repair and if so could anybody recommend anybody (pref one that's mobile ) I did start to message 'chips away' but didn't finish it Thanks Paul
  4. zoros

    body repairs

    Had the rear offside trailing wheel arch rust bubbles removed in August 2015 by a so called word of mouth panel expert (who does police cars). What was forecast as a week long repair turned out to be 3 weeks. He made excuses but it was obvious he was busy. I now find the rust has returned with a...
  5. Hunty2198

    CLS 63 AMG W219 M156Spares or repairs

    My beloved AMG has been written off by an uninsured driver and my settlement figure was poor. Anyone interested in buying the car or parts or know who does? Also not sure how to add pictures of its current state. Mainly rear right wheel damage
  6. mounty3279

    Red leather seat minor scuff repairs.

    Hi, I have red leather seats in my car and the stud on my jeans has scuffed a line across my seat . It isn't major but i'm a bit gutted, its my baby. My question is has anybody done a successful minor repair themselves? If so what did they use? Ive watched various youtube clips but they...
  7. dddooommm

    SPARES OR REPAIRS: W204 C class 2008 silver black leather 1.8 slight damage Amg alloy

    ★★★Mercedes c class 2008 silver black leathers. Slightly damaged ★★★ ---------★Well looked after★ Genuine Sale★ Easy Fix ★----------- Ebay item 99p start no reserve. Mercedes c class 2008 AMG silver black leather 1.8 c63 slight damage repairable | eBay Price: offers over £3000...
  8. A

    W210 E320 Cdi Cabin heater repairs

    Hello everyone My car is fitted with a cabin heater for pre heating the car before the engine is warm. I understand that this only works when the outside temperature is below 5 degrees and the switch light next to the cigar socket is not illuminated. My conclusion is that mine is broken...
  9. D

    mercedes 300e 4matic lhd polish reg rare model 4wd for parts or repairs

    1990 mercedes e300 4matic AWD, LHD, project rare | eBay
  10. travelininstyle

    PCP Hand Back and repairs

    Hello Guys - well this is my second car lease and sadly after six years I have to trim my sails and hand the car back, as the current lease comes to an end in January. All is well mechanically with the car, except a couple of curbed/scuffed wheels - that are not too bad and just near the door...
  11. M

    R129 Roof Repairs

    The roof on my 1992 R129 has started to be temperamental. Whilst I can lower it manually,( It always seems to shut ok) does anyone know of someone in the Leeds area that is knowledgeable on the workings of the roof and can give me a honest appraisal of what's required and whether it is worth...
  12. Captain Smerc

    smart paint repairs

    Anybody know of a good mobile service for bodywork scuffs etc in Romford Brentwood/Ongar areas . Many thanks .
  13. c180081c

    Help! W203 Tracking after repairs

    Hi Guys, i am at my wits end, the car is 2004 w203 c180k my trusty work horse, the car needed both front arms and track rod ends which have been fitted and now drives tighter and as it should however when tracking the car the steering wheel is either out to the left or the right...
  14. Flyinspanner

    Aluminium corrosion repairs CL500?

    Hi I wonder if any of you have carried out repair work where dissimilar metal corrosion has taken place? I know the CL500 can suffer on the doors and C pillar/wing joint. So how was it tackled? What was done to stop reoccurance? Was/is the repair long lasting? Are there any products...
  15. D

    mercedes 300te-24 fully running for spares repairs

    1991 Mercedes 300-24v TE W124 auto petrol 7seat estate. Spares/Repair. SouthWest | eBay
  16. MSG2004

    Small ding/dent and chip repairs.

    Hello Was cleaning our new gle, bought last Thursday. Noted a small ding and appropriately 1mm of paint missing. The indentation is round, front drivers door, about 18 inches off the ground inch below the contour line and 12 inches in from door edge. The ding is 12mm max and round and...
  17. flat6buster

    MB Dealership SMART repairs

    Just wonder if anyone has experience of MB dealership smart repair services? I think some of them undertake their own (not sure how I find out which ones do?) and I wondered how they compared price & quality wise with the likes of Chips Away?
  18. S

    S210 corrosion repairs

    Hi, I have a 2000 E320 CDI Avantgarde with the usual collection of corrosion issues. I'm looking for a decent repairer in North London. My main concern at the moment is around the front jacking points (MOT advisory). I think the car deserves better than the usual "tack a plate over it" approach...
  19. T

    Repairs to leather seat bolster in C124?

    Can any one of you good people recommend someone who can do a decent repair to the leather on the drivers seat of my newly acquired C124? If not, what temporary measures can I take to prevent it getting worse? Gaffer tape springs to mind, but it might look a bit unsightly & make it worse in...
  20. Padacol

    Radio repairs?

    Have an Alpine TDA -7562R head unit c/w çd changer and remote fitted in my SLK, sound quality is good and everything works perfectly. ..... except the display which doesn't work at all! Really didn't want to change unit but am struggling to find anyone who can repair it or supply a working face...
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