1. M

    w124/w201/w202 clear side repeaters

    £12 delivered
  2. L

    indicator side repeaters

    I'm a bit hacked off with a local garage....... I took my E320 estate in for an M.O.T. and they changed the side indicator repeater bulbs. Then it passed it's M.O.T. All good so far........ When I got home, I noticed that both of the repeater light lenses had dropped off on the way. I phoned...
  3. clashcityrocker

    side repeaters w202

    hi all looking for a set of side repeaters for c class 1999 looking for clear wheres best to buy cheers for any info:thumb:
  4. haggis2768

    w124 coupe,no side repeaters!!

    so flicking through the brochure for the C124(facelift) i noticed all the car shots there were no side repeaters on any of the cars?? was this normal for euro spec 124's or maybe exclusively for the photo shoot cars??
  5. 300CE

    MERCEDES W124 85-95 E-CLASS LED REAR LIGHT R/Smoke + side repeaters

    for added bling: MERCEDES W124 85-95 E-CLASS LED REAR LIGHT R/Smoke + side repeaters | eBay
  6. Palfrem

    w124 smoked side repeaters?

    Mercedes W124,W201 85-95 Smoke Side Repeaters | eBay I have orange plastic and think they look a bit odd against silver bodywork Are these any good and easy to fit? Is there a clear MB OE? Many thanks
  7. M

    Are side repeaters required by law?

    As title if you remove side repeaters are you required to fit new ones for mot etc ?
  8. Gollom

    Mobile signal repeaters that plug in the router

    Just be aware we have had a mail today saying that these can potentially be the cause of intermittent internet drop-outs Just posting this in the spirit of helpfulness and will not be drawn into flame wars for those of you who know where I work! If I get any other infomation I'll post it in...
  9. trapperjohn

    Wanted. Smoked Repeaters W124.

    There used to be tons of these on ebay. Didn't find a one tonight. Any body got any? Going to a good home! CHEERS trapperjohn
  10. S

    R129 remove side repeaters

    Can anyone give me the procedure for removing side repearters on my 95 R129 please?
  11. J

    White side repeaters for W124 etc.

    For sale: White side repeater indicators to suit various models. I used these on my W124 E-Class for about 6 months only, so they are in as-new condition. Wiring looms never been used. £15 posted
  12. D

    Crystal clear side repeaters

    Crystal Clear side Repeaters, Merc. W124 R129 W126 W140 on eBay (end time 14-Oct-09 11:09:15 BST)
  13. vijilants

    W124 New Smoked side repeaters for sale

    I have a brand new boxed set of smoked W124 side repeaters for sale. £10 plus £4 postage . or I will bring them down to Olly's GTG on Sat.
  14. Niks

    W124 Side Repeaters

    I want to change my standard orange side repeater lense to a clear one that I have.. only problem is I dont know how. Its on a W124 95 Saloon, does anyone know how, or could someone point me in the right direction? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  15. T

    W124 Clear Indicators + Side Repeaters

    As title. Complete with bulbs . £35 plus post
  16. jpskiller

    Clear Side Repeaters

    If any one has a spare set of clear Side Repeaters for W124/W201 and is going to Jays's meet I would appreciate them , Payment can be arranged;)
  17. M

    orange side repeaters

    off my 94 coupe. Nothing wrong with them; just swapped them for clear ones. free to the first person who asks for them. I am simply too lazy to post them on ebay:rolleyes: matt
  18. Ted

    R170 Mirror repeaters

    One of the mirror repeater lamps on my R170 has a crack in it - probably from a stone. I've finally got a pair of 'crystal' ones to replace them, but they appear to be screwed in from inside the mirror shell. I'm guessing that I have to remove the mirroe glass to get at the screws - the manual...
  19. reflexboy

    C Class mirror repeaters

    Another Q on behalf of my collegue. How easy is it to fit replacement lenses on the mirror indicator repeaters as he has cracked BOTH of them? Also, any idea as to the cost of the part? Cheers for your help in advance.
  20. L

    R129 Side Repeaters

    I'm currently upgrading the lights on my pre '96 SL280 which includes the side repeaters. Does anyone know whats involved in removing them? Ive got a feeling the arch liners need to come out. Thanks Liam
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