1. mbzclk

    19" Carlsson 1/16 Replica Alloy wheels

    5x Wheels, with Bolts, Locking nuts and spacers included. 19" diameter 8.5" wide at the front and rear (non staggered) Offsets ET35 front and rear. The rears have Continental Conti Sports The fronts have Kumho KU19's on them Tyres are near the legal limit and wheels have some...
  2. Banxie

    C63 / C204 / W204 20" Alloys? 507 Edition Replicas

    Has anybody put 20" alloys on a C63 or C204/W204? I have a C204 with the wide body kit on it. It currently has black calibre rapide 19" alloys on it however even thought lowered the gaps in the arches look a bit too big. I was thinking of eventually getting the c63 507 edition replicas made...
  3. Banxie

    C63 / C204 / W204 20" Alloys? 507 Edition Replicas

    Has anybody put 20" alloys on a C63 or C204/W204? I have a C204 with the wide body kit on it.
  4. dubsR33

    Ebay Alloys - replicas any good?

    Ive seen these on Ebay, brand new copies of original Mercedes alloys and they look pretty good for the price i reckon... has anybody tried them out and bought some? they have quite a few different styles to pick from... 18" GMF CL 63 STYLE ALLOY WHEELS FITS MERCEDES CLS C219 COUPE...
  5. 2

    18" AMG OEM Style Replicas

    I'm looking for anyone or online shop stocking the 18" AMG OEM replicas wheels in a staggered set up. I want Front 18 x 8.5 ET 45 Rear 18 x 9.5 ET 45+ Even it's 18 x 8 ET 45 and 18 x 9 ET 45+ That will be fine too. Please anyone know where I can get this?
  6. S

    Brabus/AMG replicas'

    Found this site, don't know if they ship to the UK. Mercedes Wheels, Mercedes Rims - rims, wheels Stuart
  7. d w124

    AeroI replicas

    mercedes w124 amg lookalike 17 inch alloys recently refurbished with tyres | eBay Staggered too,any good Matt?
  8. M


    Hi all Ok before you all start I can't afford original, So does anyone know where I can get some replica 19 alloys for my e55 Thanks Kristian
  9. E

    18" amg replicas.. dished

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  10. carat 3.6

    19'' staggered amg monoblock replicas

    Hi guys, selling my set of 19'' amgs. They are high quality german replicas made by RH topline. Fronts are 19x8.5 et35, rears are 19x9.5 et33. No kerbing marks or scrapes anywhere, they are mint. Very hard to find now. The tyres do need replacing. Looking for offers of around £950...
  11. M

    Which AMG replicas for C-CLASS W203?

    Hi All, I am after a set of AMG replicas for my '02 c220, I quite like the double spoke ones (not sure of name) I was wondering if anyone has the same car with them on and could post me a picture ? or if anyone could post me a picture of any 18" AMG replicas as im not sure which style to get...
  12. tpwuk

    FS: 18" AMG Replicas with excellent tyres

    Pictures of them on my car can be seen here.... MERCEDES CLK 430 AVANTGARDE CONVERTIBLE with WARRANTY on eBay (end time 17-Oct-10 13:39:48 BST) They are fitted with Bridgestone Potenza's which are practically brand new, having only covered about 600 miles. The wheels themselves are in...
  13. whitenemesis

    Cheap Alloys - MB replicas

    Especially with the weak dollar, look here :)
  14. J

    Standard 17" AMG or Brabus replicas

    I'm in a quandry. I've just bought a CLK 320 (W208) and it has 17" AMG alloys that need a refurb. The tyres are virtually new. The problem is that a new set of 18" of Brabus replicas cost £399 and I'm guessing that tyres would be another £300 or so. So do I spend £200'ish getting the existing...
  15. gina2201

    17 AMG - Genuine or replicas? i'm sure someone posted about these wheels also but can't find it. I emailed the seller asking if they were real or genuine and he replied with...
  16. portzy

    OEMs or very good replicas'

    OK, time to get a pair of fronts to match the rears that are in my garage that are going on my SLK in a few weeks time. I have spotted some replica "Alshain" style wheels in a very reputable alloy wheel shop near where I live which are about half the cost of some OEM ones. Tomorrow I am...
  17. GrahamC230K

    AMG Replicas - split rim style

    One for Howard.......... SEVEN of them!!!
  18. eddie_E

    17" amg mono block replicas for £420 - good?

    I just went for a wonder round the shops at luchtime and came across this car accessories place and in their window were a set of mono block repilcas. They didn't have a price on them so out of curiosity i went in and asked how much a set was and was told £420 without tyres. I thought that was...
  19. marc777

    My old 17" AMG replicas on e-bay Had these on a C class and an E class W210. They look great. Any questions PM me. Marc
  20. W

    AMG Replicas

    Just thought I'd Mention that Dave Sheldons in Manchester has some Nice AMG replicas in all shapes and sizes!!And probably a good deal on tyres to.... Just a thought and if you go there mention the guy with the beard from Quarry sent you :)
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