1. uumode

    Mercedes Me Connect mileage report

    If i view the mileage where the tank level and range is displayed (or Odo on dash) it indicates 2,493 miles but if I go to 'Vehicle Details' where it gives initial date or registration, colour of car, CO2 emissions etc, the mileage there is 4,013 miles a difference of 1,520! So when...
  2. D

    Wheel alignment report- What does the panel think?

    I had this report yesterday on the alignment of my 2007 E 320CDi. This is the after report. The technician was able to adjust the toe to get everything lined up (which was my original request due to having a ball joint replaced a while ago with the result that the steering wheel wasn't centred...
  3. HB

    I'll have to report this to the police - Hilton Hotel

    This happened during summer and I can't believe I forgot to mention it. So, it's the wifes cousins wedding and we're on our way to the Hilton. Me, wife, 3 kids and my mum = the S211 which is its job. Now driving up to the front door, I stop. Mum gets out, wife and daughter get out from...
  4. The _Don

    Chris Harris on Cars - Frankfurt 2015 show report - A45 AMG drive.
  5. G

    Service Report

    I recently purchased a used C63 Coupe 2013 from a main dealer. I asked to see the service history this morning and there's something on there I don't understand. Does anyone know what this 'damage code' means below 'outstanding campaigns'?
  6. spinaltap

    Service Video Report

    Yesterday, while waiting for my W169 to be serviced at Mercedes Birmingham, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from the dealer. This contained a video from the workshop technican showing their visual inspection of the underside of my car. This is probably more useful for those...
  7. K

    Anyone with Star close to Slough that can report fault on parking and seats

    I know of specilist but before I go there, is anyone close to Slough that could plug their star system and report the faults with my parking sensors and dynamic seats? I have a W211 estate. Regards.
  8. A

    Car pulling to left (worse) after wheel alignment - report attached

    Hi All, Car is a 2008 W204 C220 CDI Saloon, 5 speed auto. I got new tyres last week and the dealer replaced the 'diff balancer' under warranty (just looks like a mount behind the rear subframe (which the diff bushes are mounted to)) - stiff component but the bushes were worn so they replaced...
  9. G

    C63 AMG Estate - Final report

    Well after 2 years and 15k miles, my C63 AMG has just been taken away by Mercedes (well, BCA Group). Here is a final pic as it was driven off ;-( So how has it been living with an AMG for 2 years? Well it all started here...
  10. bpsorrel

    Russia trip report..

    For those interested, we're on our annual Russia experience. This year has been a weird one, not least because of the political situation which has made me feel uncomfortable here for the first time in all the years I've been coming to our place here. The feelings are running high regarding...
  11. S

    sl500 r129 progress report from recent purchase

    Hi, As it is a lovely afternoon here in the south I thought i would share an update of the fun I have been having bringing my (new to me) 1991 500sl up to standard... I bought it unseen from ebay (big risk but guy couldnt use a camera and has trouble typing it seems...) on bank holiday...
  12. G

    Vito radio - travel report removal

    I'm sure I'm being stupid, but somehow the travel report keeps coming on but I never turned it on and never used to do it. Can anyone help me how to turn it off? Cheers
  13. Darrell

    school report time.

    My daughter Sophia picked up her school report today. She is a very bright 8 year old, very quick and pretty sharp. My wife and I do worry about her school work due to the fact we are not Greek and we can't give her enough help with her homework. We also feel that being the only English girl...
  14. C240Sport97

    Jaguar XKR Convertible - test drive report

    There are some amazing deals for new XKR-Cs available, so I decided to get this out of my system once and for all. I have always liked the XK, and have always imagined owning one. I got this one this weekend for 24 hours: XKR is a very accomplished car. The demo I had was...
  15. fozi.g

    Progress Report CLS 55

    As some of you know I have just recently purchased a CLS55. After collecting it from being valeted earlier today I thought I'd throw up a few pics of the car and give a brief update on the bits that have been carried out. A few weeks ago I received new plugs. I decided to go for the NGK LFR7AIX...
  16. philiggy

    Nexen tyre report

    Hi all An update on my tyre purchase. I have gone the budget(ish) route and fitted 245/40/17 Nexen N6000 tyres to the rear in place of my Conti's. I'm very pleased with them in the dry but I'm amazed in the wet, I've just driven on very wet with standing water Motorways, A roads and side...
  17. R

    C63 AMG PPP: First Year Report

    In twelve months my car has done 6,313 miles at 19.1mpg. It has cost: Description Cost £s Insurance 873.10 Road Tax 490.00 B service 400.26 Petrol 1,952.60 Oil 20.00 Total 3,735.96 Things I like most: The engine is a monster. You can pootle about minding your own business...
  18. L

    2013 TUV Reliability Report

    I very much hope Mercedes read the 2013 TUV Reliability Report and strive to improve their cars. It certainly does not offer much comfort for those of us who own a Mercedes. The best Mercedes achieved was 27th in the 2-3 year old category.
  19. markjay

    Geo Hydrology Report

    An interesting one. We are looking at developing the vaults in front of our house. The vaults are located under the public pavement, however they not underground as such - the reason that they are under the pavement is that the street itself is raised (common practice in many areas)...
  20. finisterre

    report button

    where is it?
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