1. W

    Digital Service Reports - Mercedes Me portal

    Hi All I've just registered on the Mercedes Me web portal as a way of getting a copy of my digital service reports when I get to the Digital Service option I'm asked for a Code Please enter the security code (SecCode) to activate the Digital...
  2. ming

    Sl 500 malfunction reports

    Driving along happily, red light and malfunction warning comes up: too much oil or similar, pulled in turned motor off. Restarted and no malfunction. Warning any more. What's all that about. Happened a few times, car running apparently perfectly
  3. developer

    iPhone 4S text delivery reports

    On my previous phones, text delivery reports were easy to select and reliable. On the i4S some texts show "delivered", other's don't. Is there a setting I'm missing?
  4. zenman63

    Any 320 cdi remap reports?

    Anyone had there 320 cdi OM 642 engine re mapped? Thinking of getting Angel to do my new 120 vito to get the turbo lag sorted.
  5. O

    How to turn off traffic reports?

    Does anyone know how to turn off the traffic reports on Comand?, it's a 2003 W211 with DVD based Comand.
  6. F

    Accurate weather reports.

    Which site do you all use for the weather reports and is it accurate? Ive been using accuweather and its been so wrong over the snow/ice period with temp's etc that its not even funny. Any other suggestions?
  7. W

    Do HPI reports show theft?

    I'm going to look at a car tomorrow at a garage and I have found out from the previous owner that the car was stolen from him. Apparently by the time it was recovered, his insurance company had already paid out and he had another car. So the insurance company sold it through an auction to the...
  8. S

    unit saying no cd & annoying traffic reports

    my audio 10 unit is saying there are no cds loaded , when the magazine is full and they wont play, any suggestions, also how do i stop the traffic reports from coming on while listening to other channels, these pages are missing from my manual so i dont know where to start thanks
  9. H

    How do I get traffic reports on radio

    I have CDI 220 SE and on the radio display it shows TP but does not cut in to the traffic reports. How do I get this or is it a fault. Also I do not have a radio user manuel. Is there anywhere I can download or buy one?
  10. Gollom

    BA reports large jump in profits - up 45% to £883M Is it just me or does that level seem a touch out of place whilst they are raising passenger costs? At least Willie Walsh has forgone his £700K bonus given the T5 fiasco. Guess he will need to downsize then? :rolleyes: Don't get me wrong - I...
  11. Goldfish11

    Audio 20 in SLK - How do you get the Traffic Reports working

    I am currently struggling with the Audio 20 in the SLK. I want to get the RDS traffic reports so they interupt CD or even Radio. e.g. Set Radio to Radio 4 and then when a BBC local radio station like Radio Northants or Coventry and Warwickshire or West Mids gives out a message it over...
  12. C

    Turning off auto traffic reports

    I have one of these centre consuls but no instruction booklet for the radio, the automatic traffic reports are now driving me mad. Could someone let me know what buttons to press to disable this function please. Thanks Martin
  13. SEM

    School Reports

    Just watching a great reminder of school reports on Beeb2. Just thought this would make a great thread of what people remember of them. If they did not lose them!! I'll go for starters (my school was a Comprehensive) very very sporty! Apart from Math, could do better! ( i hated math).. Love...
  14. joe

    Service Reports

    Interesting site Link There are 3 pages (just alter url info1 2 3) Joe
  15. joe

    Service Reports

    Interesting site Link There are 3 pages (just alter url info1 2 3) Joe
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