1. S

    Becker Map Pilot Reprogramming

    Hi there, I am trying to find out if it is possible to reprogram a Becker Map Pilot to change the region of the world it can be used in. I bought the BMP on eBay and it was brand new - still in the wrapper. The seller did not go out of his way to explain that it was for the North American market...
  2. Tan

    Reprogramming car key

    Hi I posted sometime ago that I was struggling to get my now late fathers W140 S280 to start. One thing that was mentioned at the time was that immobiliser may be cutting in as the key may need reprogramming / synchronising with the car. Can the key loose synchronisation and if so what...
  3. Black c320

    key reprogramming

    I have just bought a 211 E280 cdi estate, and only one key,However the dealer had a spare identical 2 button key, can the extra key be reprogrammed to work with my car preferably not at the dealer.
  4. Doodle

    Removing COMAND and subsequent reprogramming

    At some point in the near future I will be pulling the COMAND out in favour of my existing install from the Cupra. For those in the know, is there anything I need to be aware of? Obviously it'll need STAR to tell it the UHI kit and nav are no longer there.
  5. Nicensleazy

    Key Reprogramming- What's The Real Answer

    I know there's a few threads on key reprogramming but it seems that there's quite a lot of conflicting advice regarding the issue. I ask because I've recently bought a 1998 CLK230 W208 which only has the one key, its the 3 button type. Now I know some will say you should never buy a Merc...
  6. L

    Reprogramming W208 keys

    Hi all, does anybody know if anyone's goy round the problem of reprogramming used 3 button electronic keys to their own car. If not will the innards of the old style fit into the later chrome style? Thanks for any info. Willie
  7. D

    Reprogramming S Class key after battery rewire

    Today I have unplugged the the positive terminal of the battery to check for battery drain and noticed that my key doesnt work anymore. I guess i need to program it back. When i face it towards the sensor on the keyhole, I can lock and unlock, but when its not facing the sensor, I cant. Do i...
  8. jimmy

    Airmatic Re-programming?

    Does anybody know if the Airmatic air suspension on an E320CDi S211 can be re-programmed to alter the ride heights? Basically, I would like to have a setting where the suspension is raised approx 15-20mm over standard. The raised setting is too high and will revert to normal setting...
  9. L

    Reprogramming clusters

    Hello, I was wondering, is it possible to reprogram a cluster? I have a c43 amg one on the way and I was wondering if it can be reprogrammed with the mileage that is on my car. I have heard you can download the information from the car at the dealership, then install the new cluster and...
  10. S

    Reprogramming key/alarm transmitter

    I've noticed a number of keys for sale on eBay with the implication they can be re-programmed. I'd like to have a spare for my W210, is it straightforward to do so or is it pointless buying a secondhand key?
  11. W210 Fan

    ECU Reprogramming

    Does anybody happen to know if the ECU in my E55 is re-programable? I was thinking about switchable maps in an aftermarket ECU, no power for fuel saving, standard map and a stupid one, then I wondered if I had to actually buy an after market ECU or I could do it with mine??? Anybody any ideas?
  12. S

    Reprogramming key fob

    Is it possible to reprogram a two button key fob? Bought one on ebay, needs reprogramming and a new blank.
  13. N

    Reprogramming possibilities

    Hi All I am going to have an ipod integration kit fitted soon at MB dealers. I have noticed on other posts that it is possible to re-programme certain extra features into the car, auto folding mirrors being one. Does anyone know what other extra stuff can be added to my Nov 2004 facelift...
  14. R

    ECU Reprogramming?

    Having had many discussions about this area of modding. I am looking at the possibility of holding a modding party where the following items could be set up on cars with the suitable ECUs for a minimal price because we were all together: 1. Auto Folding Mirrors on locking car. 2. Adaptive...
  15. S

    reprogramming power windows 1998 C230

    Hello- I have a 1998 c230 and wanted to know how to reprogram the power windows correctly and basically reprogram any other funtions. I have disconnected and reconnected my battery. Any Help will do! Thanks!
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