1. N

    Reputable shop in UK fixing dead pixles on my acc HU?

    I was watching Discovery Channel on my dumb teevee. I must confess I do it very often! :rock: :bannana: It was an old episode of Wheela 'n' Deela with Mr. Mike and cool Edd China. Mr. China is very cool and knows how to repair stuff. Mr. Mike is cool finding cars at a bargain price most of...
  2. ash59fifty-uk

    Reputable Bodyshops in Northants/surrounding

    Hey peeps After a decent bodyshop to get my bonnet sprayed, providing they do a good job I'd have them do my front bumper too SO picky with things like this, I've trawled through Google and have found some that look okay, but they either have mixed reviews or reviews that are few years old...
  3. developer

    A Reputable Letting Agent

    Yeah right :devil:. I received this unsolicited email today, via a Gumtree account, from a Mr Jones :rolleyes: claiming to be from a letting agent (though no company details provided). I think the final sentence just about says it all - no wonder the private rented sector gets a bad rap...
  4. S

    Reputable Remapper Manchester Area

    Hi All I have an E250CDI Coupe on a 59 plate. Solid MBFSH 45k I'm looking to have a rolling road remap done and was hoping you could point me in the right direction for a reputable tuner in the North West. Ive had BM's etc done before but this is my 1st Merc and was looking for the...
  5. S

    Reputable Tuning Companies & Parts?

    Hello All, As some of you kow I am new to the MB scene, I am looking to get a C63 (not Performance package) prob mid January after all the new year hype is over, but already I am looking at Aftermarket bits and pieces and wonder if you could help me out with a few questions? 1: I spoke to a...
  6. W

    reputable mobile phone monthy contract cashback deals?

    I'm looking for a new mobile phone with monthly contract. I'm a lowish use user, so value for money is important. So far I've seen quite a few online places offer 6-18 months free or heavily discounted on a 24 month contract. are one example. But are these places reputable? The...
  7. D

    Reputable independant in Leicester / Coventry

    Can anyone recommend a reputable independant garage for servicing mercs in the Coventry or Leicester area. Your help would be appreciated . . . .especially as quoted £530 for a service at local merc dealer. :)
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