1. R

    W124 lurker 30 post req

    Hello, Long time lurker and now needing to fulfill the 30 post requirement. Interested in all things w124 which also includes w201 and w129 Preferably in the performance and third party market. Lots of projects in the queue waiting, including a turbo technics install.
  2. AndyKO

    W211 E270 CDI Part number req?

    Hi Guys, Where can I find a part number for a Gearbox and TC for my E270 CDI? Cheers
  3. H

    Hi - new member req advice so be gentle please :D

    Hi everyone, Just bought a 55 plate w203 deisel saloon and love it apart from the poor fuel economy compared to my old BMW Compact & Mondeo which used to give me 50 & 42mpg compared to the c classes 30 driving like Miss Daiseys driver !!! Now i'm aware that I don't work too far from work...
  4. M

    Nightmare purchase ml270cdi 2001 help req

    Hi All I bought a 2001 ml270 with 125k on the clock, the owner said it needs the swirl flaps done and sold me it for £1500, it seemed to be on limp home mode and have very little power, kickdown didn`t work, nor did cruise control or the horn. It still got up to speed hills it struggled on...
  5. N

    Recommendations to improve sound from NTG4

    The sound quality from the ntg4 comand system in my 2009 C63 is pretty crap - any recommendations regarding upgraded speakers, etc
  6. merc85

    Brisk Help Req, c180 or slk200 ?

    My father in law is venturing into Mercedes ownership and knows zero about the car's. He only needs 2 seats, but 4 is ok. He has seen 2 car at Mercedes in Colchester essex. 1st, Mercedes c180 Blue efficiency (sport) 1.8 m271.820 engine, has only done 10,200 miles in fire opel. £18,750 2nd...
  7. S

    Mobile valeter req J9 M25

    Does anyone know of a decent mobile valeter who can come out and do a day's cleaning every fortnight? I want someone who knows what they are doing (2 buckets, lambswool mitts etc) and can do either half a dozen wash n drys or correct paint as necessary on a flexible basis. I'm loathe to take...
  8. Lenny63

    C43 AMG exhaust fittings - clarification on MB part numbers req

    Hi folks The C43 currently has a small exhaust leak due to join at left front cat and front/ mid section - bolts/nuts are disintegrating - see pic Part number 20&29 are required to join part no 5 (front cat and pipe) to front/mid section - My local MB have emailed me stating there are...
  9. Mr. B

    CCTV remote viewing for Mac advice req.

    As the title suggests i've recently purchased a Swann security CCTV set up ie 4 x 700TVL cameras and a 960H DVR. The system works fine but the problem I am having is that I want to use my MacBook Pro to remote access the cameras whilst away. The CD software which comes with it is for...
  10. poormansporsche

    Close up of 8 and 9 incher req ! Monoblock that is !

    alright ive got 8 x 18 all round on my monoblocks and was thinking of changing the rears to 9 inch wide. Im not bothered about the wider tyres just for pure looks wise. So a close up pic of the difference in actual dish would be appreciated cheers Brett
  11. G

    good indie or ml specialist req

    hi everyone anyone know of a good indie or ml specialist in sheffield or chesterfield its good to have a local garage to use, at the moment i cannot find one in my area. thanks.
  12. A

    Elegance & Avantgarde Setups Tec Help Req

    Hi all, Have read lots about the differences between Elegance and Avantgarde models but wonder if anyone has any technical advice please. I have been looking for a 320 CLK CDI (209) and have now found a nice 07 model. Its all singing and dancing with extras including sunroof, leather...
  13. S

    Dent master req

    Hi Can anyone suggest a very good mobile dent repair in the west midlands area your replies will be most welcolme :) Ste .
  14. L

    newbie r129 owner....HELP REQ

    hello there, im not new to mb's but new to the 129 sl, upon removing my climate unit today to install a parot unit i noticed this screen on top of it flashing 02 and ope ive searched the net for what it is and what the screen is for, can anyone please help identify this peice and its reason ;-)...
  15. J

    Urgent help req 110 vito

    Hi sorry to be on the cadge on my first post since joining but iam need of help for my work van. worked on the van today for notorious knocking noises on the front suspension and adjusted the hand brake on the discs and on the handbrake cable. Went to road test complete loss of turbo wont rev...
  16. T

    Transmission service required in Scotland

    Hi Can anyone recommend somewhere I can have my transmission serviced (fluid and filter changed) in the central Scotland area? Main dealer wants silly money to do it. Thanks
  17. S

    Mobile wheel refurber in Surrey req.

    Who can we recommend now? I used Stats ages ago and was mightlily impressed but I think he has moved on now. I don't want to leave the car with someone as we are likely to have another 'dealer caught vmaxing my car thread'.......Must be able to travel to M25 J10 area.
  18. T

    Front Bumper In Silver for W203 (53 Reg C230K Coupe) Req

    Hi, I'm looking for a front bumper for my 53 Reg C230K coupe. The bumper has to be in silver and in good condition (no marks please). Already have fog lights and plastic trims around them so not required. The corner trims in the bumpers on my car are good as new so also not required (if...
  19. R

    advice req on wheel refurb

    I am writing this on behalf of my father, he has recently purchased a E class and thankfully his taste in cars is a lot better than his IT skills. His car currently has fitted pepper pot alloys which he is looking to refurb, he took them to one place who told him that all they could do was...
  20. MSG2004

    INf req re w203 2006, 230 engine

    Hello For just over 4 years I've driven a W203,53 plate, 180k, Classic SE, MB. MPG is good for motorways -in the city(live in se10) the mpg is nt too bad. What i loe about the auto box married to the 180k is her ability to shoo up ills from standstills. Been looking at 56 & 07 plate...
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