1. M

    Part Number Request

    Hi All, Require the part number for the following: - Passenger Side Rear Door Speaker The model is a S203 2005 C220 CDI (Estate) with Command and standard M-B speakers. VIN: WDB2032082F769894 I thought the part would be the same as the Saloon model, but then realised the saloon...
  2. BillyW124

    Vin data card request

    Morning chaps WDD2040232A698939 Ta Billy
  3. M

    Datacard request please.

    Hi, could some kind soul run the following VIN please? Thanks! WDD2120742A987483 Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  4. Windwalker

    Vin Data card request

    Could some kind person please post my vin data please WDD2043032G4395982 Many thanks in advance David
  5. Lenny63

    W219 EPC request

    Hi all Could someone post here a pic of the rear bootlid exploded diagram For a W219 CLS ? I'm doing away with the number plate holder , behind it are 4 mounts With threads and I want to see if they are attached inside the bootlid and could be removed so I can get a flush fit fpr The new...
  6. whirsk

    300ce part no request

    Hi Folks Happy Easter Just doing a tidy up on car this afternoon and found corrosion on chrome plate mounted at door/rear passenger window. Any ideas on part no would be great. Thanks in advance. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  7. clk320x

    Part Number Request Please :)

    Hi guys Can anyone give me the part number for the rear Mercedes sign for the W209 Clk. Does anyone also know the easiest way to remove the old one? Cheers Abs
  8. Max Shine

    19" Alloys Pic request

    I'm looking at replacing my OEM 18" AMG Sport alloys for the 19" OEM AMG 7 Twin Spoke Wheels on my 2012 E220 Estate. I understand the correct size for these are: Front Wheels: 8.5Jx19 ET44 Rear Wheels: 9.5Jx19 ET48 I see alot of 19" alloys but with different offsets, should I stick to...
  9. N

    Part numbers request

    Hi. Bought my first Mercedes a few months back and just need a few parts to get it back in tip top condition and would appreciate it if anyone could help me out with some part numbers. It's a W203 coupe, vintage WDB2037072A699177 O/S check strap Boot release catch Antenna amp - the...
  10. D

    Another spec request c63

    Would someone be so grateful of getting the spec for the following car : Mm63hnu
  11. AMGeed

    Part number request

    I would be obliged if anyone with the EPC could look up the part numbers for the n/s and o/s rubbers that are fixed from the bottom of the rear screen each side of the boot down to the top of the bumper. Mine are perished and I suspect letting a few drops of rain into the boot area. The...
  12. E

    VIN request

    This one is looking increasingly like the one I want... Could somebody post the datacard for VIN: WDB2112572B351292, if you would be so kind?
  13. E

    VIN decode request

    Could somebody be kind enough to post the datacard for this VIN, please? WDB2112702A512562 Thank you in anticipation (he said hopefully...)
  14. reflexboy

    Part number request

    Hi Would anyone be able to give me the part numbers of the black plastic nut and bolt to hold the space saver wheel in the wheel well for a 2014 SLK, R172 please? I understand the plastic bolt clips to the wheel well floor, sticks up, the wheel goes over it a a black plastic retaining wheel/nut...
  15. reflexboy

    VIN check request

    Hi Can anyone post the data card for the following VIN please? Many thanks kind people WDD1724032F099270
  16. Dogbreath

    Part number request

    Hi Can any of you clever people find me the part number or the Lateral acceleration sensor on my 2005 W211 E55 AMG . Thanks Lee
  17. O

    Another Vin Decode Request

    Hi Guys, newby here. Just picked up a '98 SL320 and wondered if someone would be kind enough to provide a vin decode for me. WDB1290632F166626 Many thanks. :D
  18. Oxonmb

    Vin Decode Request

    Gents Can someone let me have a decode? Also, can you tell the BHP from this? WDD2073222F082711 Thanks in advance, Graham
  19. Norte23

    VIN decode request

    If it's not too much trouble could someone work their magic on my VIN & decode it please. WDD2042032F538245 Thanks in advance , Mark
  20. Dave Richardson

    Data Card Request.

    I hope this is the correct section in which to post. I'm looking for the details on BV05 HBD vin number is WDD1693072J123371 Thank you in advance David
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