1. brucemillar

    Legal help/Advice Required Please.

    Friends I have been summonsed to court to explain why I did not declare who the driver of my was in 2013 when it was photographed at 65mph on the M25 in a temporary 60mph limit. I did declare to the court in writing that it was me and that I was also the registered keeper etc. I heard no more...
  2. L

    W166 -ML350 Bluetec Air Filter replacement - STAR required ?

    I cannot seem to find a definitive answer to this when searching via Google... I replaced the air filters on both sides myself - does the car need to be advised via STAR that these have been replaced ? Have got a MBII and there is no option in this to perform this - when looking online, some...
  3. st13phil

    Common Sense Not Required... Tower Hamlets. Girl, 5, fined £150 for lemonade stand It appears that there is at least one person with a brain present in Tower Hamlets council, just a pity that they're not on the front line :rolleyes: Stories like this fill me with confidence that the enforcement powers vested...
  4. C

    Help... Advice required E320 CDI 2004

    Hi anyone in or near Dudley West Midlands with good knowledge of E320 CDI 2004. Had to leave my Merc there last week as the key fob not recognised by the ignition. I am fairly certain it is either a fuse in the boot or the key itself as it is cracked & just may require cleaning out. I can not...
  5. C


    Hi So I have had the wiring and everything burnt in my SL55 in rear boot because of this issue, managed to locate wiring from a breaker however just require the split charging ecu module. If anyone can help advise where I can find. I will be enquiring main dealers tomorrow and keep you posted...
  6. C

    New battery required c63 2010 amg

    Come back to it twice and won't start, needs new battery, any recommendations on replacement brands or part numbers will be great
  7. S

    Buying advice required!!

    Hi All. I am shortly buying a new car as a company car replacement (opted out of CC scheme). I will be doing around 20k miles per year and it needs to be a good size with great boot access. To me, this says C class estate or E class estate. Either option would (I think) suit me well and...
  8. del320

    Specialist advice required.

    I'm hoping the collective knowledge of Forum members might assist with suggestions as to how to dispose of a five foot long, 5 inch guage model steam locomotive. It is an unpainted model of a Thompson B1 LNER 4-6-0 built in 1948 by North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow. It has not been...
  9. Rudeboy99

    Advice and info required please

    Hi out there I've been the happy owner of a w203 c180k coupe for nearly two years now I love the look etc of this car for my sins lol but want to get the face lift model I don't do major mileage so want a petrol have been looking at c180 200k but was after thoughts advice on the c320 c 230 v6...
  10. Calcifer

    R107 Tyre Spec - Help Required Please

    Hello, I have a 1988 R107 500SL (EU MODEL, LHD) I would like to have the tyres changed but unsure on the OEM factory specification. Currently the car has; 225/55/16 all around Michelin Tyres Mercedes dealers say they can supply AVON tyres. Would the OEM specification be...
  11. E

    1994 SL500 Throttle Body - part number required

    Could some kind person with EPC access find the time to look up the throttle body part number for my '94 SL? The VIN is WDB1290672F103359. Thank you in hope and anticipation...
  12. C

    Help... Advice required E320 CDI 2004

    Hi all could really do with some help / advice regarding my Auto motor. Had some issues driving recently on motorway suddenly no acceleration no gears, turned ignition off all good then kept happening repeatedly. To cut a long story short we checked transmission oil (fine) replaced the...
  13. M

    A2113500306 Wishbone required

    Looking for the following part A2113500306. Mahussain
  14. S

    Mercedes diagnostics required in Watford

    Hi does anyone know of a good mechanic with diagnostics equipment in the Watford, Hertfordshire area. My S350L has developed a fault on the electrical side.
  15. Z

    CL & E 55 class help required

    Hi All I live in the West Midlands area & are part of the G Paddle team , We need to test our newest Paddle that fits the S,CL & E 55 vehicle , The Paddle takes about 10 mins to fit & require no coding , cutting or mod'ing . So if you have a CL or E 55 (we have already tested on a S class)...
  16. V

    Bought C63 AMG - advice required!

    Hi. Fairly new here so hi to everyone. I recently (a week ago) bought a 2012 C63 AMG from a reputable dealership. The V5 was not available (the car had previously had a private plate and DVLA were processing the new document) but I was told it had one previous owner. However, after 3 days the...
  17. Petrol Pete

    Photo or drawing required

    Hi The Rear seat (40%) will still not fold down despite all of the advice I have been given on this forum. I ask one of you who own a 2006 C class estate to please post a photograph of the latch mechanism in the seat back (40%) right hand side, not the lever you pull to fold the seat ,but the...
  18. ringway

    CLK 280 AMG Sport. Opinions required, please.

    Not for me, but for a family member. Your opinions on this car would be very much appreciated. LINK. mercedes benz clk 280 amg sport | eBay TIA. Paul.
  19. SW18

    Airmatic - any special maintenance required?

    All of the threads on here about airmatic and ABC problems got me thinking - is there any special maintenance required to help prolong the life of the airmatic system? And if so, will that maintenance be included in normal 'B' services? I'm thinking of jobs like checking hoses for wear...
  20. R

    C63 AMG CAB A205 Wheel Upgrade Advice Required

    C63 AMG CAB A205 - Wheel Upgrade Advice Looking to upgrade the standard 18" wheel / tyre setup Car supplied new with 18" front 9J 265 35 / rear 10.5J 285 30 (when I look at the merc website it shows narrower tyres at the front .. do they just stick on anything to hand ?) Upgrading to...
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