1. M

    STAR diagnostics & mechanic required manchester area

    anyone recommend me a person in manchester area that has good experience with mercedes that has STAR who is mobile & also a mechanic thank you in advance :thumb:
  2. G

    Part number required

    Hi all, am after a part number for my father in laws 2005 ML 320 cdi. in the boot there is a blind that you pull over the boot. He is missing the 2 sides so that it can be put in place (if you know what I mean) if anyone can help with a part number from the EPC?? if anyone also has an...
  3. John Jones Jr

    General W202 (Komp or V6) buying advise required.

    I considering buying either a C230K (auto or man) or a C280, Sport versions ideally. I've been having a scout around on and off for a few weeks and really can't decide which to go hunting for. Now I've owned W202's , a 180 & a 200 and both had the usual spots of rust and between them they...
  4. chubbs111

    laptop help required

    hi guys the wifes old laptop (ibm think pad)when powered up says exiting media unable to find operating system its running xp but we dont have any back up discs can anyone help please
  5. K

    Part No. Required for door handle illumination

    Guys, I have an S320 w220 2004 model and my drivers door internal handle illumination does not work, it is a little module with an orange illuminated LED I think but not sure. The other three doors illuminate ok and I was thinking of replacing the faulty bit but I do not have the part no...
  6. flango

    Diesel Expert opinions required

    Hi Guys Need some help and advice if anyone has come across this before, firstly it's a BMW engine :ban: 3.0 litre diesel in a E60 525 M sport. It has had the DPF removal by Eco-Tune Scotland see HERE It also has EGR delete. Recently upon accelaration and on overun there is massive amounts of...
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