1. brucemillar

    C55 AMG Air Box requires a good spruce up

    Folks My air box on my 55 is looking the worse for wear and really needs painting. The Chrome AMG Logo's do not come off (they are part of the molding) is this a careful masking job or has anybody any good suggestions on how to retain the chrome but paint the air box?
  2. E

    C63 front alloy urgently required

    Front c63 alloy urgently required even if damaged. Thanks
  3. I

    Requires small amount of welding for MoT!!

    Mercedes-Benz 200 pillerless coupe hedge find | eBay Ideal winter project, comes with free DIY Divorce Guide!
  4. A

    'Rear propshaft coupling is split requires replacing'

    I recently bought an SL55. I am reading the last garage bill that came with car, under recommendations this was stated so it has not been replaced. What is this? and how is it effecting my car currently? and how much does it cost. Thank you.
  5. ItalianTuneUp

    W220 requires new bulbs

    I had a couple of messages pop up the other day: 1. LOW BEAM,R CHECK LAMP! 2. BRAKE LIGHT,L SUBSTITUTE LAMP ON! I had a look at the driver's headlamp and, sure enough, the bulb was not illuminated: the bulb that lights up the round light within the headlamp unit. For the brake light, it did...
  6. D

    key broken inside the lock - urgently requires a locksmith

    i have my car Mercedes benz W216 2007 and unfortunately my key broke inside the lock. actually yesterday i was trying to start my car and i put the key into the lock but it was very difficult to turn the key inside the lock and suddenly the key broke inside the lock now it become impossible to...
  7. Palfrem

    ML 320 cdi requires a Tracker for cover

    I'm thinking of buying one of these, but my insurance company (Privilege) want me to fit a Tracker before it will be covered for Theft. Any more ML owners out there with the same problem? Which company do you use that doesn't require such a gadget? Are MLs more likely to be stolen than...
  8. W

    W220 requires 0w-40 oil - Is it alright to top up with 5w-40?

    Hello all As the title suggests really, my 2004 S55k has always had Mobil 1 0w-40 engine in it when ever its been serviced, but recently the light has come asking to add 1.0 litre of oil. Iv checked via the dipstick and sure enough its at the bottom of the stick. Now iv got some "Total Quartz...
  9. C

    W203 requires respray

    Does anyone know any good places in the east london(newham)/ilford area for spraying and at a reasonable price, as i need to spray the bonnet, bumper and drivers side wing, for a w203 coupe?
  10. B

    Requires Service already?

    Hi all, Got our C220cdi 5 weeks ago and just noticed the service indicator stating that a B service will be required in 1300miles; which at our current mileage rate will be about 3 weeks. Now we got the car from Mercedes main dealer with all the warranty and such, I have read somewhere that the...
  11. D

    new member requires advice

    Hi all i am in the process of buying a 1999 a170dci what do i need to look for it has 75000 on the clock which is backed up by old mot's and service history. Any advice would be much appreciated thanks Duane
  12. grober

    230SL requires a bit of work!

    Found this over on the ever entertaining Jalopnik website. Its a 230SL that was immersed in the river Necker for 30 years!:eek: I wonder if there's anything salvageable left at all .More pics here.
  13. S

    Does LPG requires cat to pass MOT?

    Hi, I have a CLK 200K MY2001 converted to LPG. Cat (catalyst) rattles and I wonder if removing cat (decat) will allow me to pass MOT test. I'm located in Greece and I beleive Greek MOT limits are the same or similar to UK. Has anybody remove cat and pass MOT on LPG with a similar engine...
  14. culpano

    Small scratch now requires complete panel spray

    Oh I'm completely p155ed off. Some bugger scratched my car a couple of weeks ago. Back door panel - a 2 inch long scratch which has taken the laquer off. Called Chipsaway who quoted me £175 + vat. They've now told me they can't do it because it's silver and it will require a full panel re-spray...
  15. KLP 92

    Leather requires retrimmimg.

    I need to get the driver's seat retrimmed on a Clk in black leather. Does anyone know a good trimming company located somewhere near London? Or has anyone had any experience with re-trimmers? Any advice will be helpfull?
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