1. R

    NTG4.5 DAB tuner resets - anyone else seeing this ?

    Hi All I have two NTG4.5 cars which are both experiencing the following Display shows Device Unavailable then Please Wait then Station list with no signal then Station list and (95% of the time sound back again) Loop takes about 5 seconds and happens every few minutes...
  2. J

    my trip odometer resets

    ok, so just like it say, everytime i turn my car on, the trip meter resets itself to 0 miles and the clock resets itself to 12:00am. If this a fuse problem or some sort of battery issue? Also, my SRS light came on and someone had suggested looking under the seat at the wiring, to which i found...
  3. andreas_t

    Comand APS resets radio

    Hello Folks - I could do with your help and advice .... My comand APS (MY06) has started to reset the radio at random intervals. I notice the problem when I start the car: it changes to the first preset radio station and switches the traffic announcements to 'on'. The only 'external' item...
  4. L

    Command resets itself

    Hi I've got a 2006 C180 compressor. It has reset itself a few times since I've had it, losing all my destinations and settings. I started it up nothing came on screen, minutes later it turned command on then off then back on again without me touching it. Has anybody else had this? Any ideas ?
  5. Satch

    Software upgrade resets

    Last week I took my E Class in for the brake software upgrade. This morning I discovered that my historic (i.e from new) records of miles, mpg & engine hours had gone and only dated from last week! Arrgh! Odometer obviously still shows miles run and maybe the engine hours not a major...
  6. C

    Command resets after restart

    I have a 2001 E Class with a Comand DX system and I have noticed with the Comand system that sometimes if I stop and re start the engine ( for example, if its long trip and I need to stop to re-fuel) that the Comand system forgets where its going and I have to reselect the "Last Destination"...
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