1. W

    Resetting Service Indicator

    Can anyone shed a little light as to how to do this, in particular how to alter the MB oil grade on a W211 - E270 please.
  2. edgejedi

    Problems resetting my service indicator...reduces too fast?

    Yay! Im sat in the tesco car park waiting for er indoors to return and was incredibly bored so thought id continue my frustrated attempts to reset my service indicator....lo and behold on the fourth reset to 13000 miles and one spanner! Car was serviced at an indie when i got it but...
  3. J

    Resetting the boot

    Disconnected my battery and after reconnecting, I have reset the windows and sunroof, but the boot only opens halfway. I know there's a means of resetting so that it opens full height, but can't remember what it is ! Can anyone advise please - car is a CL55 2003 with remote boot open and...
  4. D

    Time & Country keeps resetting

    ok, so i've set the time in the car now about 10 times, after a few hours it resets back to germany and the time moves on by around 2 hours each time:wallbash: does this mean the battery in the boot is dead? when cleaning it on saturday i heard a bleeping noise and the screen flashed...
  5. I

    Resetting service advice on B200

    Anyone know the process to reset the service advice on a 2007 B200. My friend does his own A service and wants to clear the messages on start up reminding him he is past single spanner Thanks Ian
  6. R

    resetting the throttle?

    Does this throttle reset work for all cars, and if it it a good idea?
  7. H

    Resetting internal blower position

    [SOLVED] Resetting internal blower position Hi all, I dont really post much, as I'm not very familiar with 'fixing' or providing solutions to problems, but like to read topics that interets me, and anything to do with a w203, so if i come across a problem, I'm aware of a fix. Now, having said...
  8. amwebby

    Resetting electronic keys - does this work?

    Apparently, if your remote key fails to work and replacing the batteries has no effect the following procedure resets it: Place key in ignition. Press and hold the "Lock" button for five seconds. Press the "unlock" button five times in succession. Has anyone tried this? Does it work? Would...
  9. J

    Resetting the Neck-Pro head restraints

    Anyone has done it and what tool is required?:doh:
  10. Tan

    Clock resetting

    Hi I have a strange fault with my car, every morning when I start up I notice tha the analogue clock is resetting? I know that this is controlled by the APS 50, but is this normal or the sign of a fault? Many thanks Tan
  11. bpsorrel

    Resetting the TCU/ECU to improve acceleration..

    I spotted this W211 thread on another forum last night and wondered if anyone here has heard of it or tried it. "You can reset the tcu/ecu to factory specs which makes the transmission more responsive with higher shift points" This is the instruction to do it: "Get in the car,close the...
  12. C

    SLK 230 (2003) - Resetting

    How do you reset the computer after a service? I did not take it to a franchised dealer (pennies) and need to reset the service computer. I am sure it is just a matter of fiddling with buttons, which ones?
  13. T

    Resetting the service indicator on a W204

    Hi, Could anyone tell me how to reset the service indicator on a W204 please? Thanks Toby _____________
  14. S

    resetting easy entry on clk 209

    Hi i need some help with my clk 209 easy entry feature. Its stopped working, i've tried resetting it from steering wheel but no luck!Can anyone help please. Thanks
  15. M

    E200K, 2001, journey stats not resetting

    W210 engine When I start a journey the data from the previous journey is not resetting i.e. mileage, fuel consumption, journey time etc. When I hold in the R button it will zero display but I never previously had to do this - it used to happen automatically. Any ideas what could be wrong...
  16. Parrotman

    resetting auto gearbox/throttle

    Engine response seemed to be a tad slow so went through the auto- rest procedure ie key on, pedal down 5 secs, key off, pedal up, wait 2 mins. keep key in. Whilst there is now an immediate improvement with the engine response, I've noticed that when turning the ignition on, as the warning...
  17. H

    Resetting instrument cluster mileage

    Hi all I've got a w211 eclass that I imported to Pakistan from UK. The analogue speedometer reads in mph but in Pakistan we use kph. I know you can set the digital display to kph even if the analogue unit is in mph. However, I bought a secondhand instrument cluster from Germany, which is in...
  18. W

    Resetting transmission memory C43

    Hi Does anyone know how to reset the transmissions memory on a C43? In all the time I have had it I've never done it but was told disconnecting the battery for half an hour does it. Is this true? J
  19. High-Lo

    Clock resetting when starting car

    Help! My clock in the instrument cluster has developed a fault whereby the clock resets to 0:00 when the car is started. The odometer or trip recorder is not affected though and retains the last figure as normal. It is only the clock which resets. Strange thing is that when the key is turned...
  20. Birdman

    Resetting ASSYST Service Indicater

    This one is becoming a minor saga. Two services back I asked my dealer to re-synchronise the service indicator to match the service type (A or B) indicated by the logbook. Somehow the two were not in agreement. This meant when ASSYST was asking for an A service (one spanner) both I and the...
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