1. Harrythedog

    20mph limits in residential streets

    I've noticed over the past few months that a great number of streets in my area have been designated as 20mph zones, all the relevant signs and road markings being put in place by my local (extremely hard up council). A couple of weeks ago a saw a small white car, a Smart I think, with a speed...

    Residential care home, 2 staff looking after 36 residents?

    A friend of mine has mentioned to me a few times that the Care home he works at, sometimes they are short staffed and at night there is 2 staff on for 36 residents (normally 3 staff), 2 staff seems to few, Imagine if there was 2 'incidents' then another 'incident' occurred! Does any one know...
  3. Steve_Perry

    ntl to speed up residential Broadband

    Linky :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :cool: S.
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