1. M

    Petrol vs diesel residuals

    Question for any dealers or those in the trade.... with all the talk about those nasty diesel cars in the papers, has anyone noticed a rise in demand for petrol cars yet or has the media scaremongering fallen on deaf ears given diesels torque and economy. Not thinking of changing the motor...
  2. M

    W212 Residuals

    Has anyone got any real-world data on W212 residuals? I am not planning on getting rid of my car, not at all - still loving it, but after a conversation with someone at work it got me thinking. My E350 was purchased in March 2010 (new factory order) on a 10 plate. At the time there was only...
  3. smillion

    Maserati Residuals - damn !!!!

    On the general thread I recently posted a thread about how AMG residuals (especially the s55) take a dive. £76k car worth 37% after 3-4 years etc. Sadly not the case with the Maserati Quattroporte (in my view one of the most stunning and exclusive saloons around). Cost £79.500 - July 2004...
  4. smillion

    AMG residuals - very poor

    Idling on one of those "if petrol money were no object" autotrader moments (ever done that?) and what do I find: 2001 Mercedes S class 40,000 miles The S320cdi auto was £43k new and main dealer price now £21,000. Residual = 49% An AMG S55 of the same age and mileage cost £76,000 (ouch!)...
  5. steveatpipex

    Help with Residuals

    Hi all, some help and guidance please - I am in the happy position of being able to buy another car and having always been a BMW guy am not so pleased with their current offerings. I am tempted by 2 entirely different cars in the Merc range - the CLK 270 D or perhaps an SLK 200. I have a...
  6. PJH

    SLK residuals slide

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