1. S

    Greasy residue from air vents post AC service

    I used my local Halfords service centre to do an MOT in March 17, and decided to use them to do an aircon service inc a deodorising treatment My local dealer wanted £125 plus vat, whereas halfords wanted £60inc. I have never had an AC service on any of the cars I have driven over the last...
  2. BigChap

    Oil residue on c63 rear diff casing

    Noticed some oil residue on one side of the rear diff casing, it wasn't think and wet but was still pretty fresh. It looked to be completely my from higher the the shaft seals, my mot mate reckoned it could be from a breather higher up on the casing and out of sight. Anyone had this can confirm...
  3. ash59fifty-uk

    Removing paper residue from windscreen, ideas?

    Anyone have any remedies for removing this annoyance? Why someone has been leafleting on car windscreens in this weather is beyond me, do they not have sense!
  4. Spinal

    Yellowish-Brown Residue on Engine

    Need some help, finally got around to looking at the engine as there was some yellowish residue. Residue (it's not as yellow as the image would suggest): Coil pack (there was evidence of water in the coil pack rubber) Also some evidence of water around the spark plug when removed...
  5. Maurauth

    [W204] Cleaning Residue from debadging

    I've always debadged the model numbers on the back of my cars with no issues, however when I took the Blueefficiency badges off the wings it left a lot of sticky residue that won't budge with the good old fingernails + hot water. I was wondering if you detailing experts could recommend the...
  6. C

    Solvent for removing adhesive residue from bumper

    Hi all, Trying to remove the adhesive residue left on the rear of my SL bumper by the old parking sensor mounts. Have tried meths, white spirit and acetone but no real joy. See pic: Any one know a solvent I can use as need to clean the area up prior to applying some new holders? Thanks in...
  7. JohnEclass

    Wheel Weight Residue

    Hi Guys, Just had 4 new tyres, and of course new balancing weights....problem is, where they removed the old weights there is a black stripe where the glue is still stuck to the alloy. Any suggestions on removing without marking the alloys?
  8. Z

    Debadged residue?!

    Hi, I've just removed the labelling on the back of my estate (black) 2005 and having cleared all the adhesive etc there is still an echo of the missing badges! Is this the original polish or lacquer that hasn't aged or something else? Can I get rid of it and if so how? I'm assuming polish is...
  9. merc180k

    Very slight white residue....!

    Hi folks, Got a warning to fill up with 1 litre of oil at next refuel tonight on way home on the motorway, so duly did so when I got home. When I took the filler cap off to add the oil there was a very slight white residue on the underside of the fillercap and around the outside of the thread...
  10. kps70

    S500 - residue on oil filler cap?

    Hi - I hope I can pick someone's brain. Went to look at a 2001 S500 for sale today. It has just over 100k on the engine. When I had a look at the oil filler cap, there was a faint hint of yellowish/white on the inside of the cap. I've seen much worse in the past on other cars. This was just...
  11. P

    Oily residue on condensor W203

    I have just removed my intercooler to replace the seals. The intercooler is very clean, however the bottom left hand side condensor which is behind it is covered in an oily residue (about a 150x150mm area) The air conditioning became ineffective and was recharged about 6 weeks, and already it...
  12. L

    Milky Residue (ohh err)

    I noticed last week that I had a small amout of yellow/white residue under my oil filler cap so thought Ah! do I have a head gaskett problem. I wiped it clean and again a week later it is back again. This is not thick sludge or even that much, it is very thin and swirled in with the small amount...
  13. bloodmoon

    Residue from dealer stickers

    I attempted to peel off the dealer's advert sticker from the inside of my rear window. After about an inch of peelage, I noticed the sticker was leaving behind a stubborn layer of scum on the window. What should I be using to remove this mess? I have been told nail varnish remover, but...
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