1. T

    CLS W218 Climate issues - resistor?

    Hi. I've had a problem the last few months. When the car is first started on a cold or damp day the climate control goes full blast and no buttons work, it ignores me and blasts away for a few minutes. Usually after 5 minutes or so it then works just fine. Even the 'Off' button is not...
  2. Hawkwind

    Heater Blower Resistor

    Hi Guys, In July the heater blower wouldn't shut off, even when the ignition key was removed. I fixed this issue by replacing the heater blower resistor and all has been well up until last Thursday. I was away from home visiting family, so have only just been able to investigate the...
  3. R

    w168 heater blower resistor replacment

    Hi again, not posted for a while, but always looking.... My 2003 w168 has decided not to let the blowers work on anything but max, looking around I have come to the conclusion that it is the resistor. Nice and easy replacment, but phoned mercedes and they want nearly 50 quid, ebay around 30...
  4. poormansporsche

    Explain to me about Non Resistor Spark plugs please ???

    Morning, My early C230K needs the Non Resistor type spark plugs but the post facelift C230K has resistor type spark plugs. I went to MB to buy a new set of leads as mine are degrading somewhat (the car hunts a bit when you touch them) but the part is NLA as a whole - they will sell plugs...
  5. M

    Help needed with aircon fan speeds

    My car is a 1995 C220 W202 and I've been told by the guy who regassed it that the way the electric fans work is wrong. The viscous fan operates as it should. 30 seconds after the aircon's turned on the fans operate at high speed for 3 seconds and this cycle is then repeated. There's a...
  6. T

    W210 Right hand Headlight Resistor problems

    Seems to be one problem that people fix... and dont write about. My 99 E240's Right hand, Low beam headlights (the one that has two bulbs, and has the resistor integrated into it) doesnt want to work, unless I remove it.. then the right hand centre lights are in high beam mode. Does anyone...
  7. P

    W211 heater fan resistor

    Bought a used fan wich had a working resistor on it Has been checked and Fully working £10 delivered.
  8. S

    W245 b class blower resistor pack

    Can anyone give me the location of the resistor pack in my B class. Could it be in a similar place as the A class?. Any tips very welcomed .:crazy:;
  9. S

    W208 CLK In line fuse / resistor on side lamp

    Hi guys, After shorting one of my side lamps last week, I am now trying to repair the burnt wires leading to the lamp. The area that is melted is the part which seems to have either a fuse or resistor inline. This was previously covered by insulation. I have standard side lights on mine...
  10. J

    resistor Vs non-resistor plugs/leads M117 engine. HELP!

    HI all I want to treat the C126 (1986 5.0) to a new set of leads and plugs, but I'm unsure re resistor Vs non resistor plugs and resistance in the leads. From what I've read the original leads would have had significant resistance built in, so were supposed to be used with non-resistor...
  11. D

    W169 Heater Problem

    Hi, I'm new here and it looks like a lot of people have vastly more knowledge than me. SWMBO has a W169 A150 2004. She has a problem where the heater fan will only work on full. I've googled this and it appears to be the resistor. However what I am having trouble finding out is if the...
  12. D

    W169 A Class Blower resistor

    Hi Folks Can anyone tell me where the heater blower resistor is located on a W169 A Class 2005 Diesel Automatic? MTIA dvndave
  13. C

    Swirl Motor Resistor Mod OM642

    Hi, has anyone fitted a 4.7k Ohm resistor to their inlet port shutoff motor comnection, it fools the ECU into thinking its working ok when it fails, so instead of replacing the motor for £££ you jus add a resistor for 5p :) When the motor fails the flap defaults to its normal position which...
  14. J

    W202/C230/1997- Non Resistor Spark Plugs???

    Hi, I am a new member and new owner of a W202 C230 1997 which has become my pride and joy. I bought the vehicle with 110,000 miles. It now has 120,000 and runs like a dream. It is time for it's first servicing but I have a few questions before I get stuck in. I hoped someone would be able to...
  15. Black c320

    The swirl motor (resistor) solution

    Following Alex Crows suggestion about a resistor to simulate the swirl motor I decided to give it a try yesterday. I got a 4.7k ohm resistor from Maplins for 26 pence and as it was an experiment i didn't want to cut wiring so i inserted the resistor tails into the connector pin holes in the...
  16. stchris356

    W208 Heater fan resistor

    OK, My heater fan stopped working but does work from time to time. I purchased a new resistor, fitted it and the fan ran perfectly on all speeds, brilliant I thought until I came out the next morning to discover a completley flat battery. Attached jump leads to find the fan constantly running...
  17. J

    W210 Heater Resistor

    Hi I think I have the normal resistor problems (fan works only on high setting or not at all sometimes) is the resistor easy to change? What part number would I need? My car is a 2001 e320cdi with ac but not full climate control. Many thanks for your help Jo
  18. stchris356

    W208 Heater fan resistor

    OK, long story short. Replaced the above resistor as fan not working, now the fan works perfectly on all speeds:bannana: Went for a drive in the warm sun with the ac on blowing nice and cold on all speeds:bannana: Got up next morning and car battery completly flat:doh: Charged battery and...
  19. T

    Resistor pack for heater fan on w210 with climate contrl

    I am wanting a Reisitor pack for the heater fan on my W210 with climate control Maufactured by Valeo part no. 539 9879 830 Mercedes part no. A210 821 1651 Can anyone help ????
  20. G

    sidelight resistor

    my w210 was fitted with an incorrect bulb after a failure and it seems to have blown the resistor which MB said needs a new headlamp unit. Any advice out there?:doh:
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