1. EDZ649

    Resizing digital pictures

    Can anyone help me with resizing some high resolution pictures (5mb each) so that they are small enough to upload to pistonheads i.e. 500kb but still keeping a good resolution? Thanks.
  2. Spinal

    CSS Background resizing

    I have a strange question... I'm working on a new site to keep track of all the weird and wonderful trips I do, and I saw a neat trick on another site... but I'm having trouble achieving the same effect. If you look at this page: The Journal | Overland Journal (or pretty much any page...
  3. I

    Irfan resizing help..

    I'm trying to post some pics. I'm using Irfan View to resize. I've used the lowest setting to resize them, but I'm still not allowed to post them, says they are too big, but there's nothing I can see on Irfan that gives you an option to reduce to, for example, 100kb Help the numptie.....Ta
  4. nickg

    recommendation for free image resizing software?

    can someone recommend a link to a reliable piece of free software?? just want to easily resize photos for posting on the web, emailing etc etc thanks
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