1. D

    New Year's resolution

    Well, it's here 2016. Anyone made any resolutions that they want to share?
  2. Reggie-rock

    Any New Year's Resolution's (NYR)

    My NYR has been scuppered as I intended to cut right down on alcohol, but this Christmas as most of my family not knowing what to get me, gave me a bottle of booze. I can't help it, if it's in the house I get tempted (if I am not due to drive in the next 12 to 18 hours of course) So my NYR will...

    New Years Resolution For Sale!

    Happy New Year to you all! I am offering here for sale a chance for you to fulfil your fitness goals for the new yea!. I purchased a whole lot of home gym equipment (impulse buy) a while back but never got around to using any of it. This equipment is in 'as new' condition and I've finally...
  4. A

    Kicker Resolution R6 components with upgraded silk tweeters

    As above, I've had these for a while. Amazing speakers that get seriously seriously loud with good sq. They pound out the midbass compared to most of the crap you get these days. These are from the good old Kicker MADE IN USA days and cost circa £300 when new. These will definitely fit a...
  5. J

    New year resolution

    OK I've waited long enough for somebody else to do it and still nothing. SO. IN 4 WORDS ONLY: Your new years resolution. Mine?? try getting thin, again:wallbash:
  6. Godot

    Volume Up. Full Screen High Resolution & HOLD ON!

  7. S

    How to reduce resolution of pics on computer

    I have some 300 picture on my computer which I would like to put onto discs,but I have run into a snag.It is taking forever. It seems that my pictures are high resolution,typically 4.7 MB.So each one is taking ages to load onto the disc. Is there some way reduce the resolution of the pictures...
  8. christopherwk

    Changing picture resolution and size

    Basic question - :o How do you change the resolution (to 600 x 600) and the size (97.7kb) of photos, in paint, so I can upload them to the member's album. Some photos I can upload, but some fail, so I assume I have to resize them myself?
  9. scotth_uk

    Google Earth : Nurburgring now in higher resolution

    Hi All, Fire up Google Earth and check out "Nurburg, Germany". Amazing detail level of the ring now available!!!! Scott
  10. R

    Cold Start Problems - Resolution.

    Thanks to advice from Attilla in Hungary and OAKWOOD GATE GARAGE in Warrington Cheshire, my problems have been resolved. It seems that, looking through various threads, COLD START PROBLEMS on older Mercs are quite common. Attilla advised me to consult a Bosche Service Centre. They do a full...
  11. uumode

    Hi resolution image

    Try zooming in on this image... it's amazing.. numberplates, things in windows, clocks in the distance...
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