1. S

    2010 c63 saloon / estate secondary cats and resonator

    Folks Standard items. Cats - £100 Resonator - £100 Both for £185 for mbclub folk. Pickup only, based in kingston R
  2. S

    C63 AMG standard exhaust, cats, resonator and straight pipe

    Folks I have some c63 exhaust parts for sale. 1) C63 rear boxes + straight pipes (resonator delete) - one piece 2) Secondary cats - standard - 55k miles 3) Resonator - standard - 55k miles I would like to sell the whole lot to ease my garage space. What it looked like on the car - bear in...
  3. S

    resonator delete who's done it? c43 (2016)

    Thinking of doing a resonator delete on a 2016 c43amg would like a little extra throat, anyone done this.... does it become droney, can the resonator be re applied if need be??? And are the any trusted mechanics in or around berkshire ? thanks guys
  4. Petrol Pete

    C55 Exaust

    As a newbie who is thinking of taking my first steps into the AMG world I have been asking 'daft' questions elsewhere on MBClub, here's another one... While tracking down a suitable old C55 I see references to removal of Catalysers and resonance box and/or the addition/removal of 'X' flow in...

    W211 E55K Exhaust Resonator Box...

    Hi All, Exhaust resonator box (rear muffler) for sale... from when I did exhaust mods on my 2004 E55K, note its quite heavy so pick up or arrange pick up only (Warrington, Cheshire)...if interested drop me a PM with offer. Thanks.
  6. Borys

    C63 rear boxes with resonator

    Up for grabs 500£ no offers Exhaust is in sections can be easily fitted to boot. Collection only pls
  7. leef44

    PCS Horndean excellent service -resonator delete

    Olly, many thanks for an excellent job on the exhaust flap repairs and the resonator delete.:D I'm absolutely smitten with the sound. A slight warble at idle which can be heard only from the outside. Normal slow city driving is no different from before so all the refinement is kept. Slight...
  8. R

    Resonator delete...

    So I thought I'd have the resonators deleted and an x pipe fitted...for more noise. Anyway drive over the exhaust place's pit, and go under the car. There are no resonators, but the two sides come together like an X pipe. What to do now? The guy suggested I'd reduce power and increase...
  9. B

    C55 centre resonator removal

    Looking to be able to hear a little bit more from that lovely V8 so took my car to my local exhaust centre for a chat. I didn't want to remove the secondary cats so got a quote of £70 to remove the middle box and replace with a section of stainless steel pipe. Thing is, he reckoned it wouldn't...
  10. I

    W210 E55 secondary cats and resonator Box.

    W210 e55 secondary cats and resonator box .Taken off when I had x pipe for my E55 .£150
  11. Mr Fixit

    C55 Resonator Box

    Looking for a res box for a 2005 C55 to reinstall if anybody has one. Thanks
  12. shaze30

    C43 secondary cats and resonator

    I have the centre section of the exhaust system for the w202 c43 amg I will upload pics tomorrow when i get to my workshop Price-£150
  13. K

    S211 E55 Getting 2nd cats, resonator removed and x pipe fitted, how loud will it be.

    Getting torqueflow to remove 2nd cats and resonator and fit an xpipe in a few weeks. But does anyone know how loud it will be inside the car at motorway 80mph speeds? I have a kid and was a bit concerned. Does the estate mean it will be louder than a saloon with this mod? Regards.
  14. R

    Suffolk Resonator Removal

    I'm in need of some help to release some V8 rumble.. Can anyone recommend a Garage in the Suffolk area that will remove the resonator for me on my CLS55... I asked a few local places but no joy so far... Thanks for any info..
  15. italian_cls55amg

    Thinking of decat/resonator delete my cls 55 amg

    I bought this cls 55 amg and i absolutely love it. Even though i love the exhaust note I wouldn't mind it with a little more grunt. I contacted Eurocharged who gave me a quote for two different types of decat/resonator delete welding with xpipe in place, £200 difference in type of weld but...
  16. developer

    M157 Rear Resonator Delete

    I'm considering this (and only this). On cold start my M157 has a very pleasant V8 rumble - louder than my previous M156 (contrary to popular belief). However, there's no doubt that on the move, throughout the rev range, it's quieter (I have the Queensway tunnel at my disposal to form an...
  17. B

    Wtb cls63 w219 resonator

    Hi all, After a resonator for my CLS63, I have recently removed the secondary cats and resonator but have seemed to misplaced the resonator so wondering if anybody has one sitting around that they are looking to sell. Many thanks.
  18. M

    C55 resonator delete question.

    I want to do a couple of little bits to my new C55 estate including removing the resonator. Is this simply a case of taking the car to one of my local independent exhaust people, have them cut out the res. and directly replace it with a straight through pipe with no ecu tweeking required or is...
  19. T

    C63 resonator delete....anyone done it?

    Spoke to acid at msl today re a remap........I'm also wondering about some fettle nag on the exhaust He suggested a resonator delete on its own as this is pretty cheap and easy to do Ideally I'd go the full hog and do resonator and secondary cats but given that I'll probably be selling up...
  20. IRISH E55

    W210 E55 resonator and cat removal

    Hey lads just wondering if anyone has had their 55 de-catted here in Ireland? Just wondering if anyone can recommend a spot and how many yoyos it's gonna cost me? I'm looking for a bit more SOUND.........
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