1. Satch

    System resource hog!

    Something is causing 50 to 55% CPU usage with no applications open and slowing my PC down hugely Not the anti virus nor anything I can find. Anybody know of a decent utility that show precisely what is going on in terms of things using system resources?
  2. grober

    New DIY resource forum + online EPC!!

    The American "Mercedesshop" website forum has started a new DIY FORUM this is in addition to its wiki diy section. Looks good on first inspection. Clicking on the various primary posts reveals a list of relevant diy posts with pics. check it out. ;)...
  3. Satch

    The unofficial Austin-Rover web resource Excellent site. Reading through it not hard to see that the current disaster has been long overdue. As a one time owner of an Austin Maxi (used as a self propelled skip, a role in which it excelled) the development history of the various cars is great to...
  4. A

    One of THE best resource pages for XP users

    not sure if you all know this site but it's well worth a look if you have any Windows XP problems Andy
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