1. Mercsys

    W220 S350 Throttle responce

    Hi all, My 100k S350 is currently showing a CEL but is not exhibiting any other problems, however this morning after a massive wheel spin in the rain the throttle response had a 3-5 second delay, very disconcerting in traffic. Once stationary it exhibited the same lag and would only rev to ~4k...
  2. Sobibor

    Help loss of throttle responce

    Can somebody pls help me. My 200CE with W124 Engine keeps loosing throttle response while I am on the move. I changed my harness wire, ECU and Actuator and the performance is good but while on the move , it just looses throttle response and picks up after a while . What could be the problem?
  3. R

    C32 no throttle responce and esp light on

    Help esp light came on, thottle will only rev to 2000 rpm , checked wiring from pedal to module and its not the pedal any ideas (poor earth/ battery voltage/ esu)?
  4. S

    Slow throttle responce

    Hi all I have very slow throttle resonce from my W202 C220. My day to day honda feels better to drive because its easy on the foot. Surely a merc should be the same?
  5. design guru

    TV Tuner/No Responce!

    I have finally fitted the TV tuner in my CLK and my Comand Unit is still saying NO TV!, does this have to be diagnosed by MB or should it work by default. I connected the 4 aerial leads and the 1 power lead, these were the only two wires visable since having the car factory pre-wired by MB...
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