1. GOS424

    No throttle response

    Any ideas please ..... (2007 CL63 AMG) Car drives brilliantly most of the time. When cold no issues at all. Particularly in hot weather and when car is up to normal operating temperature when you come to a COMPLETE stop at lights or junction and go to move off there is no response from the...
  2. M

    Sl55 sluggish response

    Hi all, wondering if the knowledgeable bods on here can give me a bit of advice... My SL55 has always seemed to me to have an issue with a sort of delay before accelerating. I've read a lot about the 2002 SL55 auto box being a little sluggish, but I'm convinced this is a 'Problem' rather than...
  3. mick56

    2002 320cdi throttle response.

    Good evening gentlemen.My car has a real slack spot on the throttle,it goes away down before anything happens,then does not have the feel that i think it should.I have looked under the bonnet at the cable to electronics,and there is adjustment to be had on the cable.But i am wondering if the...
  4. icewraithuk

    Viseeo MB-4 and iOS10 - slow response

    Hi, Wondering if anyone else out there is still using a MB-4 in their car and has an iPhone on iOS10? Mine used to work ok, it was never great, but since the latest update it's now really slow to respond - so when you enter the code to get Siri up, it'll take nearly a minute before the phone...
  5. D

    Reinstate The 25Year Rolling Road Tax Exemption government response

    Dear dinoy, The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Reinstate The 25Year Rolling Road Tax Exemption”. Government responded: Classic vehicles are an important part of the UK’s heritage. We already offer a 40 year rolling exemption. Around 10,000 classic vehicles each year...
  6. M

    No response in 3rd or 4th gear

    Hi everyone, since getting my car last week and getting to know it (c220 cdi 2011) a couple of things need to be sorted firstly power is ok when going from 1st to 2nd gear but when I put the foot down in 3rd there is not a lot - no turbo or acceleration. this is annoying because on the...
  7. T

    Slow throttle response

    I have a c200 auto and I've had my foot all the way down on the accelerator and it takes about 4 secs for the engine to register it and then pull away, anyone help at all?
  8. I

    W208 430 throttle response

    Thought this might be the best place to ask (in as much as I believe it to be working as designed). I know the throttle on the 208 CLKs go from mechanical to electrical, but as much as I love the car the 'pedal in a pillow' effect somewhat dulls the experience, most notably whilst moving away...
  9. DSM10000

    Slightly lumpy idle, reduced throttle response and occasional hesitation....

    Having recently replaced the alternator, water pump and a/c condenser plus an MOT pass without any problems last week I was looking forward to a few months trouble free driving in the C320. However, over the last couple of days the idle has become a little low and unstable (no stalling)...
  10. Ben320cdi

    Throttle response

    I have a w203 320 cdi. It has been mapped. I am experiencing a throttle delay when trying to pull away quickly. It also jerks at low speed when in traffic intermitantly. If I drop the throttle and the car needs to change down nothing happens for a few seconds. Then a cloud of smoke that I can...
  11. merc85

    E320 cdi s211 throttle response

    Ive noticed there is a small delay in throttle response especially noticeably in Kickdown "wot" All my previous petrol Merc's 80's have had a short pause but the s211 e30cdi i have seems to be quite abit longer. Its ok if i dont rush it and it seems a acceptable amount of time but it has taken...
  12. Danny DeVito

    Why do i get a response if i ping 169... i thought it was a response from ip assigned to xbox but it still replies with that turned of.
  13. M

    CLS55 throttle response

    Hi all, I recently bought a cls55 from another forum member which I am really happy with, the performance is nuts and that is even before I have started on the mods! I have noticed a slight issue that happens usually when I am driving in manual mode and give it some beans in first gear then...
  14. X

    No throttle response

    Hi folks, I've got a 2001 208cdi, just bought it and drove it home. After 3 days running ok suddenly there is no throttle.the engine starts fine and runs, but the throttle pedal does nothing, so I cant move. the diagnostic port is a small round one, not obd11 so i can't read it . What reader do...
  15. Mistreku

    2001 CLK 230k - slow-ish throttle response and lack of torque

    Well, I seem to be having a little prob with my CLK. Actually, there are two of them, that bloody ESP/BAS light went on again, but that's a different problem. For now, lack of throttle response and torque. The car used to feel all right, pretty punchy even at part throttle, until i decided...
  16. def90cars

    Welsh language protest at 'lack of response' by government

    From the BBC.... just catching up on news at home. Welsh language campaigners say they have chained themselves to the gates of Welsh government offices in a protest at a "lack of response" to the decline in the number of Welsh speakers. Six members of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg...
  17. E270 Owner

    Mercedes Yilduz Alloy's & Tyres 225/55/R16 Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response

    Mercedes Yilduz Alloy's & Tyres 225/55/R16 Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response | eBay PM me for special MB Club members discount :)
  18. design guru

    Random no response from Engine

    Lets get one final thread in for 2013. Got the car started after changing the fuel filter and now I have a problem that has happened for quite a while now. It happens maybe once every six months so I have never really paid much attention and its always happened when nobody else is about so...
  19. Conquistador

    Jaguar's response to Merc's Magic Body Control chicken ad

    Shots fired! 3PQS8SFWNQw
  20. M

    no response accelator on uphill

    i have a e200 kompressor auto transmission,211 in 271engine model,my problem is when idling is rpm800,once put in d position,the rpm will drop in rpm600,then the car will be vibrate,and from d to n position,the rpm will highly going to rpm1200 and drop back to 800.the car is driving smooth in...
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