1. C180AMG71

    Wheel Re-spray

    Instead of buying a new set of alloys, I decided to have the original AMG alloys re-sprayed. Drivers side collected this morning, Passenger front will be done by Sat & the rears by the end of next week.
  2. SomebodyCalledJ

    Full Warranty Re-spray Collection

    After 5 weeks in the Body shop I am collecting my car tomorrow, it has had a full re-spray under warranty, plus some private work consisting of the bumpers and side skirts being painted too. I have read a few horror stories of rust underneath seals, due to removal during the process, bad...
  3. fuzed

    Respray - Bedfordshire Area

    Anyone know of a GOOD bodyshop in bedfordshire? The stone chips on the bonnet are annoying the hell out of me, I've tried to fill the larger one, but made it look even worse... lol I spoke to MB Bedford and they said around £500 to do the bonnet and blend into the side panels. Just...
  4. lfckeeper

    respray costs help

    Can anyone give me advice on something that baffles me. Im trying to get local quotes for a bonnet and bumper respray (lovely stone chips!). Why do they all ask you to 'bring it down so we can have a look'? My logic says its a bumper and a bonnet they're all the same just different sizes...
  5. Dannyallen89

    Full side respray done and spoiler fitting done correctly

    I picked my car back up yesterday from the body shop over the moon with the result. When I bought the car I removed the door strips to find the previous owner had driver and passenger door sprayed with the trim on (poor job), once removed you could see the colour change instantly so I was...
  6. D

    Recommend bodyshop/car respray in London or near by

    Im based in NW2 London. Please recommend good bodyshop who doesn't charge arm a leg for respray. Good quality is a must and guarantee on the job completed.Thanks
  7. G

    Used Approved C Class Coupe - Full Respray

    Hi, I had another thread running because I was looking at getting a new C Class however a 2012 C180 C Class Sport AMG Fire Opal caught my eye at MB Stevenage. With 16,000 miles on the clock and a £1000 dealer contribution to make it £15,450, it was a much more reasonable price for me so I went...
  8. Grovsie31

    Caliper respray

    Hey guys, next week I was planning on removing my rear calipers on my C55 and getting my dad to shot blast them and paint them silver, but the shot blasting isn't a good idea, without a rebuild. I also think the calipers would look nice if they were red, so now iam thinking of taking the front...
  9. nickjonesn4

    London Respray Recommendations

    Hi All, Got a big scratch on a door that I know will mean a £5-600 respray so I'm wondering about getting a full respray done as there is some rust on rear wheelarches that needs sorting anyway. Any London recommendations would be great Thanks Nick
  10. G


    Had a rear door re-sprayed. Initially, it looked a decent work. However after 2 weeks, some Micro Blistering appeared. Anybody knows how long a re-spray could last? a couple of year at most?
  11. mbzclk

    Bodywork - Bumper respray

    Hi All, Been a while - Hope you are all well. I've had my car reversed into today (bumper damage) but a re-spray should suffice. It was a genuine mistake and I don't want to be too harsh and insist on a Mercedes repair (unless there is a compelling reason)? Can anyone recommend...
  12. E

    Respray old w210

    Hiya, I'm budgeting for a respray and some minor rust repair of my old W210, if it were any other auto it'd be at the knackers, but it has a lot of sentimental value to us, we'd hate to see it go. I realise it won't be cheap - but it seems to be a shame to let such a dependable car go to...
  13. S

    First clean after respray

    Decided to get some paint issues sorted out as it really annoyed me that no matter how clean the car, I could still see them. The main issues were a scab on the bonnet and the front wings. The wings have been painted in the past, but whoever did them didn't remove the badges. When I went to...
  14. martyp87

    Brake Callipers - Respray or Refurbishment

    I'm looking to get my callipers resprayed in a nice bright yellow with the AMG logos refitted under a coat or two of clearcoat. I actually had the car booked into a bodyshop this week to get the front bumper resprayed along side the 4 callipers however, after speaking to a MB specialist he...
  15. emma9403


    My car had a full respray last month, however Iv been reading how you can't really put any products on it etc so it's only had washes at home. It's killing me not being able to put wax on etc. when it was resprayed the garage took the Merc badge off at the back and put the same one back on but...
  16. M

    complete body respray or not

    Hello, i'm new here, I'm from Belgium and i love Mercedes from my early teens. But for the moment i have a dilemma... One of my cars is a C 220 CDI Elegance automatique from 1998 (w202) It's a great car i took over from my grandmother, 1st owner with about 90.000 miles fully equipped (mushroom...
  17. B


    Afternoon every one.Newbie here. Just got a CLK 320,2000.Its done 165,000 miles.Has rust in all the places you would except,needs to new front wings.Price for full respay and wings £2000. Also got it with the front wheels the same size as the back ones.245/45R18. Is it worth while...
  18. Mrhanky

    Sealant / wax after respray

    Since finding evidence of a couple of smart repairs, they have been sticking out like sore thumbs ever since. So what started out as a simple blow over of said Smart Repairs, has now ended up in a complete front end respray and respray of the rear bumper. Also getting all new chrome trim fitted...
  19. C

    R171 SLK55 front bumper respray

    Anyone have any idea how much this would cost? Tempted to get the bonnet done as well. Will probably get it done later in the year, I just bought an important little ring and am slightly pennyless :)
  20. mbc270cdiscott

    best sprayers in essex for full respray

    hi there guys im planning to have full respray on w203 c class 744 silver do you know any companys in essex that is recommended and roughly what price cheers guys
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