1. jukie

    Respraying for a dummy....

    I appreciate that if, for whatever reason, one wished to change the colour of a car, e.g., green to black, the existing paintwork would have to stripped off completely. Would that still be the case if one wished to change the shade of an existing colour, e.g. signal red to pajett red? And what...
  2. T

    respraying interior plastic trim

    has anyone here ever had a go at respraying the plastic trim bits in their cars? i have a classic c200 and would love to respray the centre console/ gear surround/ ashtray etc to something funky....any ideas, advice? cheers
  3. NW_Merc

    Respraying rubbing strips

    Is it worth getting the rubbing strips on the sides sprayed to match say new bumpers and skirts, or is it better to buy new rubbing strips already painted? Opinions please...
  4. A

    Respraying bumpers - good bodyshops around West Surrey?

    I have an opportunity to get an AMG rear bumper for my W203. I'm really keen to get it as I've just got hold of a C32 AMG exhaust system that I'm due to get modded to fit my C320. I can get this rear bumper pretty cheap (well for nothing of a mate who's had his replaced after some insurance...
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