1. P

    Slk "judder" from rest

    Hi SLK 320 2002 35.000 miles Auto I have a "judder" which seems to come from somewhere in the drive train. It only happens for a few seconds when accelerating away from rest steadily,not slowly but not foot to the floor!, and then disappears. Gear changes seem ok. Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. W

    centre head rest question for T model estate

    I feel quite dumb to ask this but I have searched high and low for the answer. I have the haynes manual also not mentioned. I have a c200 2001 year AMG w203 T model estate. I live in Malaysia but it is a UK import. I want to fit seat covers in it but I cannot see how to raise and remove the...
  3. M.A.94

    Head rest rattle / vibrations

    So my 16 year old w210 has very irritating vibration noises coming from the head rests when going over bumps or rough roads. I know this is no surprise from a car this old however I was wondering if anyone has ever rectified these noises and how? At the moment I have temporarily got rid of...
  4. T

    C350e vs the rest

    Having done quite a lot of investigation on plug-ins, I must confess to being a little confused. Essentially what I don't get is why the street price of the C350e is really so low compared to the competition (or maybe why the street price of the competition is so high?). I'm thinking here...
  5. J

    Change of gear knob and change of head rest on e250 coupe 2013 pre facelift

    Hi guys, So i have bought the amg gear knob and am in the process of changing my original mercedes gear knob over to the amg one.. I would also like to change the head rests of the driver and passenger seat at the front from plain black to the amg head rest.. is this possible? I will...
  6. W

    W164 centre console/ arm rest

    Hi anybody know where I can get the pin that holds the lid in place its about 6 inch lon
  7. X

    R172 dash cam wiring (with power from arm rest / storage compartment)

    Hi all! I've just ordered a Mobius 1 (the wide-angle C2 model) action cam to record my trip up to Scotland to do the NC500 route in my SLK350 over five days next week. I don't plan to use the camera as a traditional "dash cam" - I want to capture the scenery and, from watching various videos...
  8. R

    W205 Foot rest......?

    As it is getting wetter in the mornings I have just realised that there is no footrest in the c class..... Anyone got a link to somewhere for an aftermarket one that works - had a look on e-bay and it is a minefield..... Thanks
  9. N

    where to buy Foot rest plate C-class 2012 s204

    Looking for a foot rest plate in the footwell. 2012 Mercedes C-class estate C220 CDi AMG Sport Plus Auto s204. Something to rest my left foot so the carpet on the footrest doesn't get too dirty. I've seen these on-line but seem a little pricey or foreign ebay sellers. There's...
  10. J

    Rolling rattling noise from rear seat back rest driver side

    I have a 2003 S430. There's a rolling rattling noise coming from the rear seat area, driver side when I drive over bumps and make sharp turns. Any ideas on what's causing it? thanks
  11. adile220

    w124 centre arm rest

    Hi all Are the centre armrests on the w124 sided? Or are they all mounted on the front left seat? Advice appreciated. Best Adil
  12. S

    Head Rest motor removal

    Hi all, this is my first post; however I have been scouring the forum lately and have resolved a few issues with my W209 CLK 240 (2003) thanks to the info available here, which is first class. My issue at the moment is that the passenger front headrest is fully raised and wont retract. I have...
  13. Sheffield Col

    thing in the arm rest ????

    Hi There is, what i've been told a cradle in the arm rest for connecting a mobile phone. I dont need it, so can I turn it into a usb ?
  14. M

    ARM Rest Fridge

    please delete
  15. C

    W212 Passenger Head Rest

    Ive just bought a 2010 E320 Estate Sport and I'm very happy with it too. But, it's a pet peev of mine having all the head rests down so you can't see the extension bars. The drivers seat goes down no problem, but the passenger side seems to stop short by a couple of inches. Is this...
  16. W

    W211 Central Arm Rest Part Number?

    I've broken the small piece of trim on my w211 07 E-Class that sits on the central armrest in the front. It's is the small piece of trim between the two doors that open for the phone connector and the rear air vents. It's about 6cm thick and runs the width of the arm rest. Does anyone know...
  17. W

    REST Function

    My REST function seems to operate properly in terms of fan action etc internally but recently I noticed that the air blowing was cold or near cold. A quick check of the pump, mounted on the front chassis leg area near the expansion tank, and it wasn't running. A quick check of this and there's...
  18. W

    Command disassociated itself from the rest of car???

    Hi, Sorry for the slightly ambiguous title but I'm very new to MB ownership(4th drive today!) and I'm not quite sure how to describe the problem I encountered today. Car is an 08 cLK63 blackseries not sure what version of command I have. Today command kept giving me the message that it...
  19. T

    Head rest

    I have a CLK facelift 320 2006, with electric memory seats, I have a problem with the drivers headrest insomuch it will not go down using the button, can you push it down manually or is the switch itself suspect as I assume. Many Thanks.
  20. E

    Buzzing noise - REST fan on?

    When key is in position 2 I hear a buzzing noise that has gotten louder over the last few days. It does sound like the fan for the REST function on the climate control. The noise continues whenever the engine is switched on and only ceases about 5 seconds after the engine is switched off. Is...
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