1. Z

    cuts out when hot then wont restart

    Hi guys my 2001 c270 cdi starts first time and runs perfect but after the engine warms up 10-15mins it will just cut out and i try to restart it and it just keeps cranking but not starting untill the the engines cool again.. can a crankshaft/camshaft sensor cause this? any help much appreciated :)
  2. Seamster15

    Saab restart production

    Restart production on Monday apparently. Saab to restart 9-3 sedan production two years after bankruptcy | Reuters
  3. L

    E300 DT Powerless when cold - Runs good after restart warm

    Hi, I have this kind of odd problem with my 1999 E300 DT. It starts fine but runs like you had taken the turbo out. If I drive it until it's warm, then restart, it runs good. In summer I just have to run for a couple of kilometers, at about 10° C for about 15 kilometers and at about freezing...
  4. Bobtherebuilder

    200TE Won't re-start after short drive

    My 200TE (90) refuses to re start after journeys of 5 miles or less. This phenomenon has only reared it's ugly head in February and this month, no issues during the rest of the year. It always starts 1st time with a quick turn of the key, emissions are spot on and idles like a Swiss watch. New...
  5. Z

    W201 190e Restart problem

    The car 190e (1993 165k 1.8e manual) has got a bit of a lumpy idle at standstill. did what someone recommeneded, took the air box off and cleaned the intake flap with cleaner, it was bad, cleaned up nicely, but has made no difference. The problem that is bugging me now is.... car starts fine...
  6. Laters

    1998 c250td loss of power. OK after restart.

    On the motorway yesterday, all going well sat at 70mph for a hour or so. I then needed to move to another lane so give it more throttle to find the car lacking in power in a big way. Stopped at the next services to see if it had blown a turbo pipe off but all pipes intact. (on the way into...
  7. C

    W202 C200- Cutting out and wont restart for ~30min- Any ideas?

    Hi guys. I have a problem with the wifes W202 C200 auto, and it's driving me nuts. Generally it drives fine (barring a slight off idle shunt, but can live with that), but sometimes (about 50% lately), after driving mostly stop start slow stuff for a good hour or so (seems only when at full...
  8. J

    W124 E220 1993 irregular idle, hi revs, returns to normal on restart

    Hi, just bought a 1993 E220 W124, and in the last week it has been giving me a bit of a head ache. it would for no reason start shuddering, as if its not firing on one cylinder, but if the car is switched of and restarted, it runs normal. Revs also pick up to 1500 rpm. have changed the spark...
  9. C

    Engine missfire when cold - restart engine fixes it

    CL500 Engine missfire when cold - restart engine fixes it Hi I appear to have a software problem on my 2001 CL500 in that *sometimes* the engine will misfire on one cylinder (bringing up the check engine light) and will continue to misfire like that for a few minutes. But if I turn off the...
  10. Timster

    Engine Cut out. Won't restart.

    Hi. Driving home from work the car wasn't pulling, felt like it was chocking, then it just cut out and wouldn't start. I think it's some kind of fuel delivery problem. Its a 1994 S124 300TD. ANy Suggestions? ps - it's the right fuel, and only changed filter etc about 1 month ago. Cheers.
  11. Mercedes cozy

    ML270CDI No warm air inside until I re-start the engine.

    Not sure what is going on. 2 / 10 times my ML 270 will have no warm air inside and If I re-start the engine, its fine. Any ideas what it might be?
  12. Geordiemark1

    CLK 55 AMG Just Died, won't restart!

    Help my AMG has just died on me! Running fine, filled up with fuel, drive home(approx 3 miles) and switch off. Return to car 15 mins later and it spins over but won't start. Go back into house to phone daughter and tell her I'll be late picking her up from school. Return to car and it...
  13. C

    Command resets after restart

    I have a 2001 E Class with a Comand DX system and I have noticed with the Comand system that sometimes if I stop and re start the engine ( for example, if its long trip and I need to stop to re-fuel) that the Comand system forgets where its going and I have to reselect the "Last Destination"...
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