1. G

    How to restore matt aluminium trim?

    I wanted a sports gearshift, which only became available about two years after my car was built, so even though it has a factory Sports option, the gearshift is Avantgarde. So I bought one now, but would like to bring the aluminium trim (and leather, but that's easy) to an as new condition...
  2. W

    Becker Map Pilot - Wipe and Restore Help Please

    Really appreciate anyone's advice/help please I have a Becker Map Pilot in my Mercedes W204 that has suddenly stopped working. When I switch to Nav in the car, the map pilot shows the Becker logo, but continuously loops and wont load anything. I have tried to restore by connecting to my laptop...
  3. T

    Is it possible to restore a car from effects of local immigrant carwash

    Gotta love em lads at my local homebase. Car cleaned and washed in 10 min inside and out. I'm a very busy person with long work hours etc. So for me these guys provide a valuable service. However, in my younger days, I was a keen car washer. My car is 6y old but Obsidian Black. THe car...
  4. D

    w124 300te with ultra rare blue velour to replace interior in other models or restore
  5. Reggie-rock

    Best products to restore convertible roof ?

    The hood on my A209 CLK 350 has some faint green streaks which could be some mould and no matter how much I shampoo it with a baby brush it will not budge. The hood is otherwise in excellent condition so I need some product recommendations to deep clean it, maybe colour restore and seal it. I...
  6. T

    210 Estate How to restore ride quality

    My 2001 210 Elegance E class Estate now feels a bit like an old agricultural bus, ride quality seems to have deteriorated in the last 12mths or so, especially compared to my 1997 C240 Elegance (120K ) and the CLK 430 avantgarde at 90k . Its not been neglected and the ride problem " seems "...
  7. John

    Restore colour of lower rear bumper trim?

    So I've started to notice that this trim, which is in between the rear exhausts and low down on the rear bumper (where the rear diffuser would go if I had one), has become more and more light grey. If I look in early photos, it looks grey but on closer inspection, it looks black. Is this...
  8. R

    W124 Parts to restore 300TE-24

    Hi Everyone. I'm looking for the following parts to help repair a damaged 1990 300TE-24 I've just bought. Driver's side front wing - Genuine preffered Driver's side headlight panel Driver's side lower headlight trim (headlight washer type) Headlight wiper/motor/mechanics And possibly...
  9. Q

    How to restore iPhone 5S lost contacts on computer?

    Please help! I lost most contacts after updating phone with iOS 7. I tried seeing if my contacts could be found in iCloud. No luck. How do I recover my iPhone lost contacts?
  10. T

    Alloys Corroded on 15 month old Merc

    Hi I was hoping to hear from anyone who has experienced a similar situation with their alloys. I brought a brand new C220 amg sport coupe about 15 months ago on a pcp. Whilst cleaning the alloys today I noticed corrosion around the central cap of the alloy where the merc badge is. (I...
  11. P

    Pensioners restore Lancaster, not the city- the menacing beauty that is the AVRO Lancaster- what a project, what a legacy... BBC News - Pensioners restore rare WWII bomber It sounds like it's the one I had a look around at Blackpool Squires Gate when it was on static display 40 years ago.
  12. A

    Anyone know how to reset a Iphone without resorting to restore?

    Hello Bought Mrs A210 a new iPhone and was just backing her old one up... Plugged into her Mac buit it hasn't gone smoothly no idea why it all seemed to be? We now get the message this iPhone needs restoring...If I do this I'm pretty sure I will lose everything on the phone as its not backed...
  13. knight4728

    Leather restore

    Folks any ideals on the best solution for my car seat in a Mercedes clk cabriolet colour Orion grey 218?
  14. J

    How to restore leather seats

    Hi, What do I need to do to restore the shine on my leather seats? The leather is a little worn in places and a little ‘dirty’ but luckily no rips or tears. I want to restore the seats back to original condition. What I want to know is, what product/s should I use? Is it difficult to do...
  15. M

    1999 CLK after restore work from CklClive!!!

    Here is my 1999 CLK after spending 2 weeks down at CKLCLIVE for restore work , the car was a hell of a mess but now looks new! i cant reccomend clive enough great guy and takes lots of pride in his work , and his prices are second to none! just get here new alloys and boots fitted today as well...
  16. Borys

    leather restore Gatwick area

    Does anybody can recomend a good restorer around Gatwick area? My drivers seat is worn and would like to get it refurb. Tried all sorts of treatments- better but I recon it needs a pro hand. Rgds
  17. B

    Project shed restore

    This is a follow on thread in which I will journal my progress with 'the shed'. My 1998 C250 TD Elegance Auto Estate bought for peanuts as a non runner. First update: Like any good surgeon, start with a scrub up. So at 7:30am this morning the shed had what seems to be its first wash in many...
  18. A

    Free Camera card restore software (XD card)

    Hello Its seems that after my trip to the Geneva show the pictures on my camera card have got corrupt? Maybe as I used the camera in my computer or laptop before I downloaded them all. Anyway I had similar happen ages ago and managed to get them back...but cannot remember what software I...
  19. R

    How do I restore Doc1 to MS Word

    Hi, I successfully managed to muck up the default page in MS Word 2003. Anyone know an easy way to fix it? cheers
  20. bpsorrel

    What car to restore?

    Over at the Autocar forum, there's an interesting thread, started by the only Autocar journo worth reading, James Rupert, about what car you would restore, if you could do anything.. My answer was a late 60s Camaro SS...what car(s) would you guys ideally restore, if time, skill and money allowed?
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