1. Psilonaught

    Restored my AMG E63 alcantara steering wheel

    The car has done 29k so relatively low miles, but the car had horrible alcantara on the wheel. I used elbow grease and car shampoo foam, and I think the results speak for themselves! Very happy and the wheel feels amazing now. :bannana:
  2. wongl

    Anyone restored a Windows 8.1 image off a network drive?

    I have just upgraded several of the laptops in our family with fresh installs of Windows 8.1, and keen to create system images before they are 'polluted' with real user data, cookies, patches etc. Due to the amount of storage space required, I am planning on creating these system backup images...
  3. D

    mercedes 230 ce fully restored by mr w123

    Mercedes w123 coupe / Mercedes 230ce | eBay
  4. D

    very very very rare 300 right hand drive 4 door convertible being restored

    1953 Mercedes 300 Convertible Ultimate Classic Car Investment RHD VERY RARE | eBay
  5. Markjames

    Faith restored in mercedes service

    Had b service at mercedes ashford today and was impressed with level of service I received. When booking I had requested a courtesy car and was told all that was left was a manual b class, wasn't overly struck on the choice but when I arrived this morning I was given a gla from the sales fleet...
  6. Howard

    Old man Lamborghini's AquaRama restored

    Oh yes ! Listen to those engines , the last few seconds of the video when they give it the full beans ! :cool: Old Man Lamborghini's Lavish Twin-V12 Boat Gets Resurrected | Autopia |
  7. KillerHERTZ

    1968 280S W108 'Blanche' - Recently Restored

    Regrettably, we are having to put up forsale our ex-diplomat LHD 1963 280S W108 which has recently been completely restored (externally) no rust and resprayed. Around £6k spent on her since ownership, she needs a new good home :( :( :( Selling due to redundancy, we had planned to completely...
  8. B

    Faith Restored

    Yesterday morning when I came out of a customers office, in the pouring rain, I found that I had a note on my windscreen. It was a name and telephone number. My car was parked in a on-street pay-and-display parking box parallel to the pavement. I prefer these as there is less chance of...
  9. dvb247

    Chrome AMG tailpipes - can they be restored?

    My tailpipes are looking knackered, can they be restored or is it easier to buy a new set?
  10. D

    mercedes w116 280 se restored

    Mercedes 280SE (W116) on eBay (end time 13-Jun-11 00:06:42 BST)
  11. trando

    Restored DTM MB Gallery

    Now this is something special.... Mercedes-Benz DTM racing car gallery | evo
  12. 1

    190E 2.6 Restored

    After a RTA, I had the chance to keep my 190E and decided to have it restored. sorry pics not loading!!
  13. crockers

    Restored 1970 MERCEDES BENZ SL 280 Convertible

    I don't know if this has been seen before but it caught my eye... Restored 1970 MERCEDES BENZ SL 280 Convertible :thumb:
  14. 5

    perfectly restored - mercedes 500 sec koenig 1986 wide bodykit

    Hi guys im new to the forum. just thought i would share my mercedes 500 sec koenig that i have had for over 20 years. it was in need of some major restoration internally and externally. origanally it was blue in colour with cream leather with the koenig wide bodykit on when i got it but over...
  15. B

    restored w123 TD

    Having owned many of these in various condition have now got to the stage where I would like to get one for family transportation and to keep beyond Does anyone know anything about this car ? I think it is probably a little overpriced but does look good especially on the 19s I never even...
  16. scotth_uk

    Restored 450SEL 6.9 (Australia) Interesting looking thing - seems to have been well cared for.
  17. PJH

    Restored Lotus Esprit

    It appears the Lotus Esprit forum are a decent bunch too. :bannana: BBC link
  18. B

    my restored w123

    almost finished now 40 pics here
  19. belly20034

    this is the best w124 (restored)

    I have a 1986 260e, The engine was replaced 20 month's ago, I think it may be a 3 liter. It's had a gearbox and a diff and a brand genuine new exhaust last week, its has a full leather trim and the bodywork,headlight's, paint ect has been face lifted(AT THE DEALERS) in 2000 SL bril silver to...
  20. Shude

    Two lots of aircon, now restored

    My c230k and Antony's 300CE-24 went to a little garage in Preston today to have the aircon repaired. 300CE-24: Had a bearing replaced (imported from Japan!) in the pump so it would operate properly. All the belts were re-fitted and the system was re-charged. Now blows freezing cold air :)...
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