1. M

    Quick question on W210 saloon rear head restraints

    My pre-facelift W210 saloon seems to like finding me jobs to do, so before something else unexpectedly jams I thought I'd better check how the rear headrest release is supposed to work. At present, you pull the headrests up until they click, and when you press the release button on the dash...
  2. B

    Head restraints and load space hook

    On the W204 sport should both the front head restraints adjust fully down so they are sitting on the seat back ? On mine the driver one will adjust fully down but the passenger one seems to hit a mechanical stop inside the seat just above the first latching position. Presumably they should...
  3. X

    CLK W209 cab rear head restraints

    Help! Car hit a pothole badly yesterday and this has activated the rear head restraints / rollover feature. W209 Cabriolet Have tried lowering with the button on the dash but this has no effect. There appears to be a procedure in the manual but not sure if this also disables the hood...
  4. 350_Coupe

    W203 - Rear Head Restraints question

    Just a curiosity thread, i was looking at some different photo shots of the W203 range switch pack above the COMAND-APS system, wondering about all the blanks ! and noticed there some different options across the different models in the range, some of which where not available on some models...
  5. Londonscottish

    S211 - can I easily remove front head restraints?

    I'm pretty sure my S211 has electrically adjustable front hear restraints. If so how can I get them off? (I want to fit some DVD ones). My C43's both had leccie ones and I could never figure out how to remove them. (I don't car if I lose the leccie adjustment - one of the less useful...
  6. J

    Resetting the Neck-Pro head restraints

    Anyone has done it and what tool is required?:doh:
  7. J

    front head restraints

    I removed the front head rest from my E320 CDI and accidentally disconnected an electrical wire. I am assuming that this is the connection for the 'proactive' head restraint system. My problem is that i can't see how to reconnect! The other end of the connection is deep inside the seat and can't...
  8. J

    Head Restraints

    The control switches which operate the two front seat head restraints are not functioning. The other controls which operate the various seat movements are ok. I can hear what sounds like a relay clicking under the seat, but no movement. After many times operating the switch the headrest did move...
  9. K

    CLK 320 Cab - Rear Head Restraints

    Hi All Need a little help! I went over a speed bump a little fast last night and the rear head restraints popped up (loud noise behind me scared the sheet out of me!) and the hazards came on. Now they won't retract with the dash switch. Any ideas, I've left a message at my local...
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