1. T

    C Class Estate Night Package Restriction

    Tried searching a couple of MB forums for an answer but can't seem to find anything so wondered if anyone here could help. I ordered a c class estate 29/04/17 with the night package and was given a build date for July. Email this week from the dealer said my car can't be ordered yet as their...
  2. K

    Intake restriction Reduction and Superchargers

    Hi all. With my latest wave of modifications I have decided to have a look under the bonnet. I have a clk200 Kompressor, but being nineteen dont really have the money for a new S/C pulley or anything fancy like that. Among other suspension modifications, I found a nice free flowing exhaust I...
  3. ShinyF1

    W210 320 CDI - Intermittent Rev Restriction

    My car occasionally feels a bit lethargic - it seems like a gearbox problem with it not wanting to hold revs and changing up early. It happened again today for about 5 minutes so by messing about with the manual shifter managed to deduce that it is rev limited to circa 3000rpm when this...
  4. johninwales

    Air Filter Restriction Indicator

    Recently noticed that I am blowing out loads of black smoke under heavy acceleration. Performance, idling and fuel economy all seem OK. The Air Filter Restriction Indicator no longer shows a reading (orange area) Serviced by MB about 7K ago. Bearing in mind that a filthy filter can cause...
  5. R

    Restriction Code

    My daughter's phone is asking for a restriction code. Its not the pin or puk and two phone shops don't know what it is. Any ideas?? Thanks G
  6. BTB 500

    Car park height restriction - what's "normal"?

    I've done a quick Google search, and in a couple of minutes found the following height restrictions quoted for various places in the UK (metres): 1.82, 1.90, 1.95, 2.00, 2.10, 2.15, 2.20, 2.25, 2.45 Is there's any kind of standard? It seems if you own a taller than average vehicle you'd...
  7. Flyer

    Age restriction on Sunday Times

    You're not going to believe this. Sent Mike (who's 11) on Sunday to get the Sunday Times from the "local" Co-op. It's not really local, but the village store is a bit of a pain to get to, so he went to the Co-op instead. They refused to sell it to him as you have to be 18 to buy it!! All...
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