1. I

    Children s head rests!

    I stalked this group during my ownership but I Sold my C class Est (2010) don't ask why !!! it had built in booster seats. I also had the additional head supports which the new owner didn't need, I'm looking to sell them but I'm struggling to find official info or a part number and have no...
  2. I

    CLK350 Rear head rests

    My 2006 Mercedes CLK350 Cabriolet has a problem with the rear headrests. The mechanism which raises and locks the headrests into the “risk of rollover” position works well and I recently had to lower them both after a non-Mercedes garage set them off by jacking the car. The problem is with the...
  3. J

    Rear head rests stopping in the up position

    Hi. 2001 clk convertible 230k. The rear head rests are stuck up. Tried the 8 second fix and the 15 second fix holding the switch up and down as per other forums say.. Nothing. No holes down the side to hit some sort of re set switch. I can hear the motors running but not engaging. Is an Allen...
  4. I

    Rear Head rests stuck up

    As the Title says Bit of a silly one I think I pulled the head rests up into place one at a time and they locked in place and now wont go back down Am I being a bit thick or something :wallbash: Ian
  5. Ultrarep

    S211 rear head rests

    Looking for centre and side rear head rest in black leather for my 2004 E320 cdi estate. If anyone is breaking a car or has these available plese let me know cash waiting.
  6. B

    arm rests

    hi i have just purchaced a sprinter lwb totally converted to a camper it has all the comforts of home,and we love it ,the only thing it doesnt have is arms on the front seats,anyone know if arms can be fitted to the seats i have ,its a 308 ,year 2000,if they can be fitted where can i purchace...
  7. biturbo

    SL60 AMG rolling road rests.

    Hi, I have had the sl60 AMG on a rolling road. I am dissapointed by the results. Even though the work done the car feels faster it is only putting out 365 BHP at the wheel according to the sheet. I think the factory was 376 and i thought it might be over 400. I used my mates telemetry thingy and...
  8. Y

    help with rear head rests

    Hello! as most of you know, im the new owner of a p reg c180 :) happy chap me, and as bigger ego i have, i have shown off the car (pretty decent at my age!) me and a close mate realised that there is a button on my center console for the rear headrests, we can hear the motor but they wont...
  9. cliveyboy8

    W123 Door arm rests

    I have a 1985 W123 230E and have just noticed that the passenger door arm rest is different to the driver's side. Is this usual or have I got a problem? [/IMG] [/IMG]
  10. B

    w124 rear head rests

    hi,does anyone know if it is poss to fit rear headrests to my w124 saloon, (not electric) i have done this to my sons 190e & that worked very well, i think rear h/rests just finishes off the interior, all the ones i have seen seem to be electric. thanks david
  11. arkamelis

    electric head rests

    hi all i have electric head rests, and thay only go down and not up, i beleave that it is the set up, just to go down has there is a little arrow going in the direction of down on the switch, can i get a mod to make them come up aswell ? ( newbie :eek: )
  12. Baron_Samedi

    Head Rests...

    Thinking in particular about the ones in W209 CLK cars. But is it normal for the body of the head rest to be able to slide backwards and forwards? Lets say I set my cushion forward, if I rest my fat head against it, it slides back to the main body of the head rest unit. Surely there is...
  13. lynall

    W124 arm rests for sale

    See e bay, search (e class arm rest) didnt do link as there seems to be quite a few, 10 plus all for W124 model. May help somone:) Lynall
  14. markymark1

    W202 rear head rests

    Hi can anyone shed any light as to how these work ie by vacuum from the same pump as the central locking or are they fed from something else, i have trouble with the central locking at the moment and when i press the button on the dash i can hear something operating from the rear of the car but...
  15. NICKYB

    clk 208 head rests

    Im after a set of front clk w208 head rest's any one have or know where i could find some cheap? thanks
  16. 6

    W209 cabrio - rear head rests

    Hi... My wife had the misfortune of being rear-ended earlier today. Luckily enough our car only escaped with scratches to the bumper. The poor guy in the camry would almost certainly need new bonnet and lights! After the impact, the rear headrests/rollover bars were raised. Pressing the...
  17. c13tay

    w202 rear head rests

    I have an early w202 which didnt come with rear heads. Is it possible to retro fit these and how easy is it ??? Obviously i would need a new rear shelf and the headrests - anything else ?? thanks Chris
  18. A

    ML Grey Rear Head Rests Wanted

    I am after the set of Grey Leather Head rests for the rear seats if any one has some for sale please let me know ill take them off you or if you have seen a ML being broken at a salvage yard which does have them in I would be grateful to know where?? THANKS :rolleyes:
  19. M

    Rear head rests

    Hi Friends, W202 220D Elegance 1995 . The rear headrests have stopped dropping, I get a clicking noise when pressing the button, but no drop any ideas ? :confused:
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