1. BarryWhitt

    Result new car better now than showroom condition.

    If you remember I took delivery on 3rd March of my C-Class 200 Sport Premium with paint defects, MB offered a respray but I took it to Petrolhead detailing in Peterborough and they said that they can make it good. The dealer has paid for a new car preparation which has given me a ceramic...
  2. P

    MOT result

    So the wife's 2000 W210 E320 CDI estate went for an MOT on Sat. The first MOT since we bought it 12 months ago. Its now on 190500 niles :eek: Since they are renowned for rust, I was expecting the worst. But no, only failed on brake pads, and no advisories! :bannana:
  3. D

    Conclusion of the F1 season. (Result enclosed)

    Great to see Nico finally pick up his first F1 drivers championship. :thumb: I think he's more than deserved it. Great exiting final 10 laps. Irrelivant if Lewis was right or wrong. It's down to opinion but it gave the neutral fan more excitement at the end. Shame JB failed to finish...
  4. Gareth

    E280 CDI Sport (Celtic Tuning Map) Dissapointing RR result

    So I had my Celtic tuning mapped E280 CDI Sport RR'd today @ Surrey RR and I knew the 290bhp map was more than likely quite optimistic but was expecting a better result than what I got (I've had more powerful cars before and it certainly feels more powerful than 220bhp considering the weight of...
  5. D

    2016 Belgium GP (Result enclosed!!!)

    Great incident packed race. Very agreesive from Max V. Good to watch and good for current F1 Great race for the stewards in regards to minimal investigations. (Let's hope it continues) Faultless drive from race winner Nico R (albeit under no pressure) Happy for my team with Alonso...
  6. ringway

    Young Ringway's result. Many thanks for participating in the surveys.

    Many thanks indeed to all who participated in the surveys which were part of my sons university work. I'm very proud to present this video. LINK. Les seems to excel no matter what design task is given to him and has won one or more awards in each year at university. He will soon finish his...
  7. brucemillar

    This is what inbreeding can result in.

    The comments are worth a read !! Fare-dodging teenage racist Paul Cox, from Chatham, jailed for assaults, threats and robbing teen
  8. N

    CL500 year 2000 W215 result

    Hi all just to inform you CL500 owners i have fitted a new pulsation damper to the hydraulic system, the results are: the droning sound in the cabin has gone, before fitting the damper i noticed when braking at higher speeds there was some juddering on the brake pedal that's gone also with the...
  9. stwat

    Chernobyl forest fires may result in large scale re-release of radiation

    Blimey :eek:
  10. E

    Dyno Result

    So I took my E55 to a dyno in Crawley, West Sussex. They managed to extract a figure of 440bhp..... This does not seem to be right. I suspect I have an issue with the pump or heat exchange as the S/C will turn off very quickly, after one strong run at times... I will upload the dyno...
  11. Druk

    The result of drink driving.

    08.30 this morning my friend and neighbour was startled by the sounds of a crash from the rear of their house. The rear faces a T junction at the bottom of a steep hill. This is what they found in their garden. These marks on the road go for 35mtrs back to the kerb on...
  12. ChrisA

    Result by Aqua Detailing Hull

    Andy of Aqua Detailing in Hull travelled the 22miles to my place and spent the day converting my car from bag of *h*t daily drive to showroom condition. At a price of £400 it included interior valet, engine bay clean up and exterior clean, polish and protect. I was very impressed with his...
  13. mymini007

    Right result

    Did my usual, bought a car and then started looking for insurance, that way the premiums cant put me off :doh: So popped on to the usual price comparison sites and for my new toy 2006 CLS320 I was pleasantly surprised. :bannana::bannana::bannana:£316.50 fully comp :bannana::bannana::bannana...
  14. MBhowden

    Good result now have history!

    You may recall I recently bought a 1993 W124 220CE on a bit of a chance as although the car looked and ran great it had virtually nil history. After getting the V5 in my name I wrote to the owner before last and went to see him tonight and had a great result. Picked up all of the original...
  15. E

    Interesting W202 search result on eBay! poss. NSFW!!!

    Saddo that I am I always try to get the closest model of any car I buy. Anyways, I searched for "w202 model" earlier on eBay. This is the result, the top item is very interesting: (poss NSFW) w202 model | eBay :bannana:
  16. S

    Mercedes Stockport final result !! After reading my bad luck and how the dealer bent over backward to do everything for me UNTIL -----I filled in the feed back report and praised them :doh: big mistake Here we go , As merc of stockport said they...
  17. D

    Goodbye e coupe.......hello dark side

    Hi all At the weekend, engine became rattly again - it was the final straw. Went to get sunday papers - took diversion to BMW dealer and ended up with --------- X6 35d:crazy:. With the merc just had too many niggling issues which the dealer seemed unable/unwilling to fix. Liking the x6...
  18. CE230

    Another result for WDM

    Yesterday while reversing onto my drive the engine just stopped before I had completed the manoeuvre and wouldn't start again. Called the recovery company who couldn't get it started and the technician thought it may be the fuel pump so towed it to WDM. They weren't expecting me and were...
  19. Mike Walker

    Partial result on rusting wheel arches C CLass 2001

    Took advice from a recent Mercedes Enthusiast mag article and visited MB dealer in Beckenham, Kent. Showed the Body Repairs man the offending areas - f ront edges of 2 rear wheel arches - and he took paint thickness readings etc. View is that MB will undertake the necessary repairs on production...
  20. Godot

    Latest Radar Survellience Result USA :crazy:
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