1. J

    w211 e55 amy low bhp dyno results

    I recently had a cat delete and c63 back boxes fitted to my car i also run a 172mm crank pulley with belt wrap kit and eurocharged map. My dyno results came back as 455bhp at the engine this can't be right can it?
  2. T

    Eurocharged V5 res delete and sec cat delete dyno results

    Gents, I am not an expert at reading dyno's and this is the first time I have had one done. Can you have a look at the results and let me know your thoughts are? Overall, I am happy with the car and the power it has, just wanting a bit of clarity on where it sits between the median range of...
  3. S

    Had another pop at the champ with great results

    1996 W140 S500 A majestic beast Done with Blackfire Gloss enhancing polish, all paint protection, polymer spray and topped with HD wax. Interior cleaned with Autoglym leather cleaner and balm and interior shampoo. Long live Autoglym.
  4. grober

    Driver Power/Autoexpress results.

    Best cars to own: Driver Power 2016 results | Auto Express
  5. streethawk

    w211 star results

    Just had star on my 56 plate e320cdi sport to reset airfilter settings. Whilst on had faults checked and there is a current drivers side Sam fault that says wiper motor. All works fine some iam a bit in the dark. I'll check motor and connections also lube joints but anyone else had this?.
  6. jimiE55

    Msl 77mm Sc Pulley/Kleemann Dyno Results Hi Guys, So a big Thanks to Acid, John, and all the guys that worked on the car at Msl recently. Some of you may know that along with Jules (Cyclone1) i was also having the Upd 77mm Sc Pulley fitted. There were a fews bits and pieces that needed...
  7. Cyclone1

    CLS55 AMG Pulley and Remap Results at MSL

    Car went in for a remap / pulley but no time for X-Pipe, before and after runs were done, the results as follows with figures at the wheels, in brackets I have put calculated flywheel figures. The dynamometer is a Dynojet: Standard - 423.7bhp / 475lb/ft (500bhp / 560lb/ft) Remapped -...
  8. Charles Morgan

    Ebay and Paypal - positive results

    I know Ebay to a large extent and Paypal to a lesser get a fair bit of stick for dodgy sellers, shills and losers who bid and fail to arrive, but I have had two very positive experiences when something has gone wrong. The first, I ordered a 5 speed Fiat 127 gearbox from a seller in Hungary paid...
  9. Ricky16

    Remap results

    We'll today's the day i got my early Xmas present ( thanks wife) I was hoping for a little more but I'm more than happy with how she pulls now she's a c63 amg 2010
  10. developer

    GCSE Results - A* in Art

    Along with thousands of others, my youngest son got his GCSE results today. I thought some might enjoy his art work, for which he got an A*. Each picture is 600mm x 400mm and created when he was 14 to 16. His portfolio was shown at the Birmingham City University 2014 Gifted And Talented...
  11. D

    W211 E55: Gliptone leather treatment results

    Only bought this W211 E55 on Saturday and I've started refreshing bits already and this afternoon I made a start on the leather using the well recommended Gliptone products. I think pictures can say a thousand words: Pre-treatment: Halfway through: Finish:
  12. G

    Results - eBay DRL's Fitted to W204

    Ordered some aftermarket DRL's for my C250 half expecting to send them back after looking at them but these turned out to be pretty good so thought I would share. They took around 45mins to fit, longest part was deciding how they should operate, when they should come on, dim and switch off...
  13. spinaltap

    GED Test Results

    The following questions were set in last year's (American) General Educational Development (GED) test. These are genuine answers (from 16 year olds). Q. Name the four seasons. A. Salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar. Q. How is dew formed? A. The sun shines down on the leaves and...
  14. G

    C250 CDI GAD Remap (Results)

    Today I had the pleasure of meeting Gary and Anthony from GAD Tuning. They kindly drove 3.5h all the way down to Sunny Wiltshire to map my car. After 5 mins of talking to the guys about the map etc I was really impressed with their technical knowledge and pleased that they were happy to...
  15. grumpyoldgit

    Brooklands - Mercedes Auction Results

    Auction results for anyone interested. Historics at Brooklands - Specialist Classic and Sports Car Auctioneers - Car=
  16. B

    vito leak off results help

    hi there, like most people im having issues with my vito 108cdi it is very slow jumps into limp mode if i hold gear too long. i have plugged it into mercstar and has shown p1187 rail pressure p1190 rail pressure valve p0205 injector 3 and p1470 charge pressure. so i have just carried out a...
  17. PhilDR

    Rebellion RA550 C63 VMAX Results

    Managed to get the C63 to VMAX today and do some real world testing of the RA550 package... Result top speed recorded through the traps was 189mph so we are pretty happy! :bannana::bannana:
  18. developer

    And Here Are The Results

    From today's hotly contested M42/A435 junction 3 traffic light fixture: Mercedes E63 6.2L V8 - 1 Chrysler 300 SRT8 6.4L V8 - 0 I don't think there will be a return leg :cool:.
  19. Mat B

    Help with disappointing Dyno results - E55k

    Hi all I had my w211 E55 on the rolling today and very disappointed with the results it achieved with the modifications i have had done. Ive no idea what the figures and shape of the graph really show. And ive read lots about ambient and intake temps effecting but this just over my head...
  20. donshl

    MSL - Eurocharged Tuning Day 20-07-13 - Dyno Results

    Just though I'd start this thread to discuss the dyno tuning results and keep the other one for pictures and Videos from the day.
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