1. Halcyon Days

    Cruise control / Resume

    i took the car to the Loire this week and loved it (Car & Loire!).. but small thing about the cruise control.. the resume is all a bit "frantic", isn't it? cruising at about 135kph, dropping down to 115kph, press resume (in "C" mode) and the car drops a couple of cogs and floors it back up...
  2. Alfie

    When will R2D2 resume his modding?

    So when do we all think R2D2 will resume his modding? Amongst the most prolific modders here, my bet is within a couple of months something will change on the car.
  3. Steve_Perry

    on resume...

    Hi guys, IT Gurus, etc., Work have recently bought me a brand new laptop to replace the stone tablet and abacus that I had been using previously. :cool: All is perfect apart from one very minor, trivial niggle. When I set the screensaver, the option for security is "on resume, password...
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