1. BaldGuy

    Xxx 13 axg & 20 axg number plates on retention cert xxx

    13 AXG & 20 AXG A pair of plates I had on my cars, look great together on family cars to take the age of anything..... 1k each..... a deal can be done for both..... Cheers Greg
  2. vito-dork

    V12 RAS and REG 800 cherished numbers on retention

    V12 RAS = £2000 REG 800 = £2500 both on retention no extra charges tel..07775 349232
  3. vito-dork

    V12 RAS and REG 800 cherished numbers on retention

    for sale on retention V12 RAS = £2000 REG 800 = £2750
  4. MD5

    TW08 ENZ reg. no. on retention certificate

    I've seen a plate on the DVLA site that tickles my fancy at £2800. If anyone is interested in TW08 ENZ at that sort of money, to include all fees, please pm me.
  5. Mozzer

    Number plate on retention

    I am on the verge of selling one of my old number plates on e-bay. Once I fill out the form to add the appropriate Nominee and his car details, will I need to do this for him every time he changes car as I am the Grantee ?
  6. colin.c43

    N2 MNR, A2 VVW, on retention

    I have two number plates on retention: N-November, 2, M-Mike, N-November, R-Romeo. N2 M N R On retention. £395 ono A-Alpha, 2, V-Victor, V-Victor, W-Whiskey. A2 V V W. On retention, £495 ono
  7. alhucoll

    Registration Numbers

    Hi Gents, Just after a bit of information/clarity on putting a registration onto retention. I'm going to be selling my little MX5 ( a Mk1 beauty), so I want to retain the registration - that bit I understand is £80 for a year. The bit I cannot seem to figure out from DVLA's helpful criblist is...
  8. blondebier

    Buying a private plate (on retention)

    Hi Peeps, I've seen a registration plate advertised(privately) on the internet that is currently on retention. (Whatever that means?) Having had a look on the DVLA site, I think it means that the registration number isn't currently assigned to a vehicle and could be if the person named on the...
  9. J

    putting personal plate on retention

    Still hoping to buy an SL in the spring so thinking about removing personal plate from my existing car and putting on retention in readiness. Does anyone know how long it will take DVLA to process and send new tax disc / V5 etc etc -anything else I need to know / watch out for ? TIA
  10. bobby

    "F8 AMG" available on retention certificate

    F8 AMG for sale on retention certficate. DVLA Assignment Fee already paid/ included. Offers over £3000 invited Best regards, Bobby
  11. A

    Plate Retention doc back and Part of V5 can I go to DVLA and Transfer plate?

    Hello Just had the retention certificate back off the A class we had and also have part of the V5 off the new to us car we bought (Sections 10 and 11). Question please..... Can I take the retention certificate and this part of V5 to transfer plate onto new to us car. Or do I need to...
  12. MD5

    X10 TTT on short retention for sale

    X10 TTT on retention for sale. Needs renewing/reassigining by 14th July. After this time, a renewal fee of £25 is payable, and will be added to the asking price. Only three left (*10 TTT) at DVLA. £225 + £25 transfer fee, to include assignment fee and used number plates. I imagine I can...
  13. johnsco

    Mil 9888 for sale - on retention

    MIL 9888 FOR SALE. Any one called Milly or Milan ... etc ? Or anyone got an ML ? Looking for £450 ono. PM me if interested.
  14. I

    560 AAD on Retention

    £950 + fee's. On retention. Sorry, no offers.
  15. Chattonmill

    Number Plate retention

    Just been on to the DVLA website and am slightly confuesd. I want to retain a number plate and understand that I have to fill out a V317 form, do I also need to fill out a V62 for retaining a plate? Thanks
  16. S

    private plate 528 BHP (S28 BHP) - on retention

    Zonda AMG Lamborghini Gallardo Audi R8 V10? On retention until April 2010, all DVLA fees paid On eBay starting at £199.99
  17. 5


    Currently put up the E280 for spares or repair as the cylinder is misfiring... How do I put the plate on retention and what is the procedure for this type of thing? As far as I know the reg has been on the car since new...
  18. R

    C2 AMG cherished number on retention

    C2 AMG cherished number on retention for sale I'm trading in my C32 AMG estate for the new Landrover Discovery TDV6 HSE (head ruling the heart I'm afraid) so I'll be putting my cherished number plate C2 AMG on retention to sell. I'll be changing the vehicles at the end of next week so if a...
  19. S

    j4rde on retention for sale

    jarde for sale RDE are these your initials/ some one must want a cheap plate offers please ;) ;)
  20. V

    V6 AWE for sale, on retention.

    V6 AWE I've owned the plate since it was released by the DVLC. It's now on the retention form with the next transfer fee already paid. Open to offers. The 'V8' version sold for very silly money 2 years ago but I'm expecting a sensible, reasonable price only, to someone who will lovingly...
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