1. D

    CL500 seat belt won't retract

    Passenger seat belt is totally extended and won't retract back in.(2001 CL 500) I've read a lot of posts about this problem and there seems to be a lot of conflicting advice about how to fix it. Some say it is a electrical contact that need cleaning, others say the seat belt needs replacing. I...
  2. adrianlobont

    Seat belt won't retract

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my driver side seat belt which is very lazy to retract, any advice on how to fix it ?
  3. Richiebuoy

    Seat belt slow to retract

    My (drivers) seat belt is slow to retract, I usually need to coax it a bit ..... any easy fixes on this ? (Thanks) (2008 clk 350 soft top)
  4. M

    Rear cupholder won't retract in E220

    Hi all. Am embarrassed to ask this but I cannot for the life of me manage to retract the rear double cupholder in my nearly new E 220. I think the sliding mechanism could be stuck. It means i am unable to fold up the armrest as the cupholder is sticking out ! very annoying ! I have looked at the...
  5. Maxi10

    E350 Cab Aircap Will not Retract

    Hi all after treating myself tp 2010 E350 cabriolet in February, I am disappionted to find that the aircap has now stuck in the open position. It attempts to retract when stating the car or switching off but always returns to open position :failanyone experienced this? I have been quoted £800...
  6. S

    Drivers seatbelt slow to retract clk 270 2004

    Just bought a CLK270 (04) but the drivers seatbelt is very slow to wind back up you have to sit there feeding it back in. The question is does it need a strip down and clean, could I swap it for a rear passenger seatbelt or time to replace it and save a lot of hassle. Any advice best way to...
  7. D

    W124 Coupe rear sunblind won't retract?

    Along with a load of other stuff that doesn't work (!) on my newly acquired W124 300 CE the rear sunblind doesn't fully retract. It only goes down about 1/3rd of the way. You then push the button for it to go up and you hear the motor going for a bit first and then it seems to 'engage' and go up...
  8. C

    W208 self retract mirrors

    Any guys good with electric mods, am looking to rewire electric retract mirrors on a CLK W208 it is an export model with them fitted but the switch is on the console and want to wire this up so as you park up and switch off the ignition the mirrors will auto retract, any ideas guys ? :rolleyes:
  9. G

    clk w208 roof will not retract

    Hi, my soft top will not open, everything works in the right order until the roof lift, then it moves slightly then kind of times out. If I push it there doesn`t feel like any power to lift & the fluid level drops slightly, no evidence of a leak, the roll bar lifts ok. (rear panel removed to...
  10. S

    Cannot retract passenger seat belt - HELP!

    My passenger side seat belt has been fully pulled out and there is no travel left in the roller mechanism to gently tug the belt to release the ratchet/teeth that are currently holding the belt in its current position. A bit like an errant roller blind. I have pulled back the surrounding...
  11. Rumble

    Wiper doesnt retract

    Hi everyone! I have a C180 '96. My problem with the wiper is that is seems to thrust out but not retract during its operation and the longer its on it keeps on extending without retracting. Now i have damage to the rubber sills. Anyone have any ideas? The motor is fine it moves across the...
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