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    Faulty retractable roof SL 350

    Roof will not work. Had seen convenience functions not available on Command system and see owners manual.This went out with driving about half a mile and the roof then worked. Ran the car for 120 miles thinking that this might charge it up. No message at all now and the roof remains firmly...
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    W124 retractable loadspace cover

    Just picked up the new addition to the collection and it is missing the retractable loadspace cover. Im scouring fleabay but thought id post here just in case anyone might be offloading one Cheers
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    Mercedes SLK Spied Showing its New Retractable Glass Roof
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    Ferrari with retractable hard-top convertible?

    Never seen one in UK yet.
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    Retractable Star!

    Hi All, New to the forum, and well impressed so far! Here's our starter for 10......! Anyone know where we can get the retractable star, as shown here: Any info would be much appreciated.....Thanks.
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    Retractable Cup holder

    Hi can anyone help, i bought a rectratable cup holder the other day for my 230k class 1999 car... Now on the arm rest i have took out the plastic holder that was in there ( full of money ).... However the cupholder wont fit... just seems a liitle bit to big.. Am i doing anything wrong ...
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