1. B

    SL Seats Retrimmed - And a Traitor in the Mist...

    Finally got around to getting the SL interior retrimmed. After bodywork and extensive mods it needed the interior smartened up. So the Brabus carbon interior was fitted and went for some updated interior. Diamond stitched to modernise the car as well as new AMG badges and new heated seat...
  2. chriswt

    Need my steering wheel retrimmed

    Guys, Does anyone know of or has used a good comany that can retrim leather loacated in or around London / South East. My steering wheel is grey and the previous owners have made the rim so dirty that my hand sticks to the leather which is pretty unpleasant. Cheers Chris
  3. GrahamC230K

    W202 - Newly re-trimmed Leather Seats and Doorcards (Black)
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