1. mbsilver

    retro fit auto dimming rear mirror on c class w205

    I've seen a couple of posts suggesting it is possible and is easy to fit? My soon to arrive c class is SE Executive variation and annoyingly has no options for this Anyone seen any such retro fitting for a auto dimming rear mirror? Thanks in advance Ken Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  2. zenman63

    ML63 2012 retro fits

    ML63 coming in a couple of weeks now so looking at fitting the missing bits I have on my 164. First is cooled seats, I will miss that, looking on epc and have most parts on a quote at parts, seat harness supports the wiring I think so might be plug and play after coding, the dash switch has a...
  3. M

    Retro fit sound system in CLK W208 Cab.

    Hi, I have a a 2001 CLK320 W208 fitted with standard Audio 10 and the temperamental standard six cd loader in the boot. I want to fit an updated sound system. In an ideal world keep all the steering wheel controls. Also, use the phone controls connected to my iPhone ideally by Bluetooth. There...
  4. P

    Parking Camera Retro Fit

    i have a 2013 but on 63 plate (face lift) Can i retrofit the front and rear parking Cameras to work with the current e class screen ?
  5. zenman63

    SLK 55 retro fit ntg2.5

    Hi, Just about to upgrade my lads SLK55 comand, just audio 20 fitted and we have a mint ntg2.5 for it now and a harness set coming in the post. We have a auto dipping mirror with the mic fitted so hopefully the harness will be plug and play. Questions. To fit the Linguatronic stalk I...
  6. S

    Retro fitting Cruise control W246

    We are thinking of fitting Cruise control to our B180 SE on a 2013 plate, as we drive to Salou every summer and wondering if it's possible and has anyone done it already. Also would it have to be done through Mercedes or can it be done elsewhere. Thanks
  7. D

    Technics retro linear turntable Ls L20

    Still has its box and in very good condition. All parts for these are still available today. £100
  8. D

    A-Class w176 Electric seats and dimming mirror retro fit.

    Hello New to the forum, I have a 2013 A200 AMG night edition. Comes well spec'd with the hardon kardon. Two things i'd like to retro fit are Electric front seats see link MERCEDES A CLASS W176 2012-2016 AMG SPORT FULL LEATHER SEATS COMPLETE BLACK RED | eBay and the auto dimming rear view...
  9. MWCLS

    Retro fitting Xenon headlights to a C209 CLK MY 2006

    I recently purchased a CLK 280 Coupe 2006 model 1 Doctor owner with 60k and full MB history the car is in amazing condition and has a good spec unusal colour bluey silver ( AMG factory body kit and wheels ) adjustable air seats. The audio 20 was outed by the previous owner for a aftermarket...
  10. Max Shine

    Retro Fit / Upgrade Head Unit

    My W212 has Audio 50 (from what I understand). The speakers are average to say the least and the SatNav is horrible. Is there a retrofit head unit which incorporates a SatNavas an option to upgrade the Navigation? If not, or too pricey I can see a TomTom being stuck in front of the screen!
  11. D

    Retro fit C class coupe 2016 remote online

    Evening all I stupidly missed off the Remote Online option from my C Class Coupe, meaning no access to Mercedes me. Is this something that can be retrofit? Is it even a physical item, or just a service? Asked my salesman and he incorrectly stated Mercedes me is only on COMAND systems -...
  12. kris1981

    Rear entertainment retro fit

    Hi can anybody point me in the direction of somebody who can retro fit rear entertainment on my w212 e63 2012 Thanks Kris
  13. H

    Retro Fit Heated Seats - Supplier Reviews

    Hello All, I have a 2012 face lift W204 C250, The car has leather seats which are partially electric but came from the factory without heated seats. I wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations/experiences with suppliers and/or installers of retro fit heated seats. I did a quick...
  14. P

    retro Bluetooth to my R230 SL55?

    Hi, I have the old nokia phone in the armrest thing going on which is obviously well out of date. How do I get my iphone 6 to work within the car without fitting a parot device as I don't like the look of them? What parts do I need and where do I find them? The car is 2003 SL55 AMG. Cheers
  15. MOR8A

    Anyone done retro fit AMG illuminated sills trims?

    Just wondered if anyone has done the retro fit of the illuminated AMG sill trims?
  16. Z

    Retro fit Heated seats

    Hi Well reading the posts about retro fitting folding wing mirrors, has started me again on the search for the answer can you fit heated seats into a W221 S320 using original Mercedes parts,there is a company that will do that for the W220 but will only fit aftermarket heated seats on W221,seems...
  17. N

    Retro Fit Reversing Camera Warranty

    Hi I am new to the forum and have just purchase a 2014 E class SE. I would have liked to have got one with a reversing camera but i had no luck finding one. I have looked at getting a camera retro fitted and think i can get one with turning circle indication guide lines. Can any one tell me...
  18. M

    retro cruise control

    HI all i have contacted my MB dealership about retro fitting Cruise control on my 2010 vito 109 manual (59 plate)- The guy on the other end of the phone says they don't make a retro fit for my van based on the chassis number - apparently, something to do with the type of engine i have. i...
  19. T

    Retro Fit Quad Tail pipes for 2009 C280

    I am thinking of replacing the my twin tail pipes on my 2009 C280 for quad set up, like the C63. What is involved and roughly how much would it cost?
  20. rlowy

    Retro Fitted Rear Parking Camera

    Took the E63 to the good folk at Comand on Line this week for a factory retro fit. In a couple of hours they did yet another great job for me. These are top people at the top of their game truly understanding how to deliver a professional customer experience. Thank you Mark, Richard, Rob and...
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