1. Abb

    How to update datacard with retrofits anyone??

    As per title, I have retrofitted many parts to my ML, using original MB items, some by my indy and others by my local bodyshop as part of my recent project. I would like to update the datacard to reflect these changes so everything works correctly, as I have been informed this must be done to...
  2. N

    W204 Retrofits for sale

    Complete sat nav system with 6 disc changer, flip up monitor, gps antenna and revised air vents. I have removed this from my car since it was retro fitted and now I'm selling the car. All perfectly working Looking for £600 I also have a complete leather interior in black including door...
  3. C

    W210 e55 seat wires?

    Hi all. I'm new to this site and really I'm need of a bit of help from some electrically minded people. I have some amg w210 e55 electric seats that I want to wire into a car without any of the loom. I am prepared to do away with the sensors like occupancy and seatbelt detectors...
  4. 1

    W212 Mercedes E Coupe Retrofits

    I am in the process of purchasing a very nice looking 59 (2010) plate e350 coupe sport. It is already fitted with Command and hdd with pcmcia, however, it is missing a few extras I would like. I know what I like but am not very experienced with car mods, and was hoping someone would be...
  5. M

    The perils of overtly large numbers of retrofits

    You may remember me from such posts as "I installed thermotronic, not just the display". I have in fact been modifying my car on and off since it ran out of warranty. And what I learned from all of that is that these cars are quite amazing to work on. For a while there I had a hybrid of...
  6. L

    clk retrofits

    Hi all, is it possible to retrofit headlamp washers and auto turning onm headlights to a 2001 clk??? if so any idea whats involved??
  7. J

    Retrofits for W204 (Comand/Parktronic)

    Hi all, I'm looking at buying a pre-reg/pre-owned W204 C220 Sport. I've found a reasonably priced example but it has no Parktronic or COMAND. I was wondering whether these systems are available for retrofit? I've noticed Alfie is the resident COMAND expert so I'm hoping he will be able to...
  8. R

    Comand Install and other retrofits

    Hello, i`m a german DC Technican and just wanted to ask if there is someone here, who is interested in retrofits on Mercedes cars, for example: C-Class W203: Comand, Nokia Handsfree, Speechcontrol, TV, DVD,... E-Class W210: Comand, Multisteering-wheel,... CLK C209: Comand, TV...
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