1. R

    W204 retrofitted interior airbag woes

    Well,most people wouldn't attempt this but I'm a pig headed bugger so I attempted to fit the 2013 black artico/alcantara red stitched interior from a saloon into a 2010 estate!! Obviously the fronts were a doddle but converting a saloon split fold into an estate rear fold was an absolute swine...
  2. V

    NTG2.5 retrofitted, problem updating

    Hi all, I retrofitted NTG2.5 recently to my 2007 w203 and everything is working fine. I took the car to MB Tech in Warrington to get the unit updated as its on the oldest firmware revision, and recode the unit for AUX rather than UCI. Unfortunately MB Tech were not able to do it as they...
  3. R

    Retrofitted Paddleshift :)

    A huge thank you to Mark and Richard at for retrofitting a paddleshift steering wheel and airbag to my C350 Elegance, but more importantly for making it work by coding and magic! Thank you for fitting me in on a most chaotic day for all of us! The car now has manual mode shown in...
  4. Alfie

    Retrofitted Harman Kardon

    I have at last finished the retrofit of Harman Kardon to my B class. Its not a quick or easy job by any means but after much trim removal its done. Total strip out of the rear of the car and run the loom to each door, new rear quarter panels, new amp, fibre, looms, all door panels off...
  5. V12

    211 sun visors retrofitted to other vehicles.

    I've searched this and didn't find any info so thought i'd start a thread which may be useful to others. I miss driving a 211 because of the 2 part visor which is excellent when your constantly changing angles and in most other cars you only have the one visor to flip back and forth. I...
  6. Pitts Pilot

    Sun Roof retro-fitted?

    There comes a time when every new forum member finally feels brave enough to ask a really daft question; something so silly that they don’t realise what a plonker they are being by asking it. That time has arrived! Having just bought a 2007 SL350 I ignored the obligatory Panoramic roof, and...
  7. S

    W211 NTG2.5 retrofitted, coding help needed.

    Hi! I have now updated my comand NTG1 to NT 2.5. Everything works fine without any coding. I have Star clone and I want to enable Green fakra for DVB-T. I can't access/see to developer mode at all?? I have enabled AUX video for rear entairment and I have now AUX in VIDEO section. DAS is 2011/07...
  8. S

    C207 seats being retrofitted to an E class saloon

    Can it be done. I was loaned a 212 ages ago and loved it bar the seats, they are substandard and poor and do not allow for a good driving position for my bad back. However, a drive of an E500 coupe and that has subliminal seats, mounted nice and low. So, can it be done, can the seats from the...
  9. Horrgakx

    Can a fuel computer be retro-fitted?

    My W210 E55 AMG doesn't have a fuel computer but I wish it did. Yes I do work out my MPG from my fuel receipts but I want to see what I'm getting to the gallon at any instant or be able to average it over a certain stretch. Now, does MB make these cars with everything in and simply disable...
  10. F

    NTG2.5 retrofitted on a w211

    Hello guys, I hope Alfie and Richard might be able to help. I have read a of your posts prior to embarking on this journey and thanks for all the good information you have posted. Others please dont hesitate to chime in if you can help. I have a w211 (2003 CDI) and it had the Audio 20 with CD...
  11. horsesuitedfool

    Anyone retrofitted Keyless go???

    Can keyless go be retrofitted?? And just to make it more difficult, can it be retrofitted to a W203 that never even had it as an option!!?? :rock::doh:
  12. horsesuitedfool

    Big thumbs up to ebay seller of comand retrofitted last night!!

    Thought i would post this as might be useful for some to read.....I bought an APS Comand unit off ebay for £450 from a Lithuanian seller navi55 or similar.... Unit turned up yesterday so using some instructions from i fitted it last night. It took about 1 hour - 1 hour and half...
  13. KillerHERTZ

    RETROFITTED 1992 190 D with BlueEfficiency!

    The Mercedes 190 D BlueEFFICIENCY experimental vehicle - Back to the future Baby-Benz with an up-to-date C-Class diesel engine Driving enjoyment: almost three times the output of a 190 D Economy: considerably more frugal fuel consumption Protection: many more safety and comfort...
  14. C

    Retrofitted NAV, NAV Data won't display in Instrument Cluster?

    Hey All check this out - an issue! I successfully retrofitted factory NAV in my C300, however, I have an isseu that I tried to get resolved at two service departments and both failed at getting my Nav Data to display in the Instrument Cluster. The second dealer's service advisor told me that...
  15. jaymanek

    Retrofitted Heated Seats to W123

    Following on from Got this Didnt like the switches, look like they belong in a austin metro! Anyway, I have a scrap SEC here and so i stole...
  16. 230K

    Has anyone retrofitted heated seat pads to 124?

    Hi I am thinking of putting a heated seat element into the base of a 124 with MB Tex. I have done a search on here with no real success. Has anyone done it??? Thanks, 230K
  17. J

    retrofitted Comand and Bose

    Hi I've just retrofitted a comand unit into my 98 CLK320. My car apparently has the Bose upgrade fitted but because it is pre 2001 it is an analoge type with standard speaker connections (ie, not fibre). To me the sound is different from the 'Special' head unit I've just removed and if I...
  18. A

    Can 537 DAB radio be retrofitted to 2007 W221 S500L

    Can an option code 537 DAB radio be fitted to a 2007 W221 S500L that was built without it? If so, what are the likely costs? Clearly the DAB radio is RRP 320 inc VAT as an option, but is the price of the option equipment and what are likely labour costs?
  19. sunman

    rear view camera and trunk closer retrofitted

    Here is a recent w221 I worked on. Factory rearview camera and factory trunk closer installed in a NA w221 s550.
  20. W

    Digital Clima Unit retrofitted in CLK W209

    Hello This is my first post in the forum which I read for a while now in order to find may usefull info about retrofitting various parts into my Mercedes. Recently I bought a Digital Clima Unit (the one with the LCD display) for my 07/2003 W209 car. I tried to install it today but the unit...
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